June 5, 2018

More Leftist Activism from the Secular Science Industry

Something that I have discussed here, at Piltdown Superman, and elsewhere, is that scientists are people. They are not the unbiased seekers of knowledge and purveyors of truth that many people imagine. Instead, they have the same foibles, passions, tendencies toward avarice, altruism, and the same things that us reg'lar folk have. This includes using science for political agendas.

Credit: NPS Photo by Kristen Lalumiere
Most scientists in the secular science industry work from atheistic, naturalistic presuppositions, and are blind to their own biases. Since they believe in slime-to-sidewinder evolution, secularists tend to have a low view of humanity. They know that people have that unrealistic view of scientists as mentioned earlier, and use Scientism as a manipulative technique. After all, people "think" with their emotions instead of using reason far too often. (Why do you think people believe the fake news and "consensus science" nonsense saturating the global climate change movement?) So, they use the guise of science to foist their leftist views on the populace.

We may very well end up with an atheistic ideal of civilization before Jesus returns for the Judgement. However, don't be disunderstanding me. I am not saying that all secular scientists are evil galoots who want to make a secularistic world power, and are actively deceiving people. No, many are doing what they think is best, but their starting point is dreadfully wrong.
Many individual scientists honestly pursue truth, but the institutions of science (universities, media and lobbyists) push a unilateral anti-conservative, progressive agenda.

Name any political issue that has a conservative side and a liberal side. Without exception, you will find Big Science promoting the liberal, leftist, progressive side. Why is that? Is it because the facts always align with leftism? Look at these recent examples and decide.
To read the rest, click on "Big Science Has Become a Political Machine".


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