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Establishing Evolutionary Religion in America

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Many parts of the world are becoming increasingly secularized (which may have  contributed to the recent terrorist attacks ), and the United States has also been riding that same trail. The rights of Christians are coming under increasing attack by atheistic owlhoots , and secular humanism is steadily becoming established as the state religion. Know what God says about people who deny him? See Psalm 14:1. Secular humanism is a religion by their own admission , philosophically , and by court rulings . While many atheists such as Clinton Richard Dawkins are calling this a " major victory ", some dishonest atheists are still trying to change reality and deny that humanism is a religion . They accept the religion of evolutionism as foundational (but deny that evolutionism is a religious): " Humans are an integral part of nature, the result of unguided evolutionary change. Humanists recognize nature as self-existing. " Atheists  like Mi