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Quick Sampling of Why Atheism is Dying

Within the past week, I posted some material on the fact that modern obstreperous atheism is fading, and how to deal with them [ 1 , 2 , 3 ] . Worse for them, Christianity is growing — especially in atheist-governed and Mohammedan-governed countries! I had supporting links, so I am not going to ruin my morning by repeating myself. Instead, I am going to have a bit of fun by letting atheo-fascist humiliate themselves. You see, I posted those articles and let the, uh, whaddyacallit, auto-posting announce them on Twitter and Facebook. What to my wondering eyes did appear but more of the same old stuff: Personal attacks, misrepresentation, moving the goalposts, change the subject and try to get me to defend a different position — if they love "reason", they had jolly well better learn to actually use the stuff, capcie? So I decided to play. Let me point out that I did not approach anyone. They saw the auto-posts and decided to demonstrate their debating skills. Not goo

The PC Double Standards of Facebook

When I first joined Facebook, I thought it had some kind of rules and standards that applied to everyone. It did not take long for me to realize that they are just like every other big business that will have certain rules that they will enforce when it is expedient. (It is laughable that Rule Six under "Safety" is that you will not bully or harass others. I've been bullied, and I've hit back.) There are Pages and Groups that exist only to ridicule Christians, Israel, Conservatives and so forth (Rule Seven prohibits hate speech). Although I was able to help get a few taken down, there are other noteworthy pages that are still up, despite the obvious and flagrant violations of Facebook's alleged standards. And yet, legitimate Pages and Groups that have a special interest can get shut down. Nothing wrong with their content, and leaving them up will mean that Facebook lives by its alleged mission, "Facebook's mission is to give people the power to shar

Archaeology Supports the Bible

"In my view, most of the revisionists are no longer honest scholars, weighing all the evidence, attempting to be objective and fair-minded historians, seeking the truth. Determined to unmask the ideology of others, they have become ideologues themselves. The revisionist and the postmoderns are dangerous because they have created a kind of relativism ― an anything goes attitude ― that makes serious, critical inquiry difficult if not impossible." — William Dever, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Arizona For many years, it has been an established fact that archaeology supports the Bible. (I did an article on that here .) Sure, there were people who were daft enough to say, "Aha! Archaeologists have not found evidence of the Hittites. They did not exist. Your Bible is wrong. There is no God! " (Yes, I have encountered people whose "logic" works that way.) Anyway, they had to eat their words because the Hittites'

Further Signs of the Decline of Atheism

Buon giorno. An atheist brazenly claimed, " Atheism is the fastest growing religion in the world ". Was it ignorance, dishonesty, wishful thinking...? Actually, atheism is declining, and Christianity is increasing [ 1 , 2 ]. An essay on "Ten Reasons Why American Atheism Will See a Significant Decline" is here . America is seeing an increase in Biblical creationism , despite the efforts of militant atheists, secularists and activist judges. You can't stop the truth forever, capice? I'm glad The Question Evolution Project is a part of this! Even more annoying for Darwinists and atheists is that this is becoming a bad year for their religions. 4 important questions every Darwinist and atheist/agnostic must answer: 1. Is the young earth creationist organization Creation Ministries International and its Question Evolution! Campaign with its 15 questions for evolutionists on the rise and poised for tremendous growth? 2. Are evolutionists and atheists