June 16, 2012

Quick Sampling of Why Atheism is Dying

Within the past week, I posted some material on the fact that modern obstreperous atheism is fading, and how to deal with them [1, 2, 3]. Worse for them, Christianity is growing — especially in atheist-governed and Mohammedan-governed countries! I had supporting links, so I am not going to ruin my morning by repeating myself.

Instead, I am going to have a bit of fun by letting atheo-fascist humiliate themselves. You see, I posted those articles and let the, uh, whaddyacallit, auto-posting announce them on Twitter and Facebook. What to my wondering eyes did appear but more of the same old stuff: Personal attacks, misrepresentation, moving the goalposts, change the subject and try to get me to defend a different position — if they love "reason", they had jolly well better learn to actually use the stuff, capcie?So I decided to play.

Let me point out that I did not approach anyone. They saw the auto-posts and decided to demonstrate their debating skills. Not good. Edit: Forgot to mention that these misotheists gang up like piranhas, as you can see from the number of people involved in each attack. So, I replied to all.

Here are some examples with my comments. I hope my students of the "Logic Lessons" series are paying attention (I won't cover every fallacy, you have to do some work yourselves). By the way, I had to take screen shots because I've had these giants of intellect delete their Tweets. Shame? Anyway, have fun!

I bet I'm not the only one who thinks that this is a massive fail. I told him to back up his claims, this is what came back:

Typical straw man mixed with ridicule, followed by more lack of logic to defend lack of logic:

Many of these people could be consider hatetheists [4].

This one dodges the topic at hand. The failure of atheism (conveniently demonstrated by his own lack of logical thinking) is the topic. Changing the subject and childishly demanding something else goes into the "Fail" folder. By the way, scientific evidence disproving evolution can be found all over the Web, and at Piltdown Superman:

Ridicule is not a logical argument. Shay sneered:
@Stormbringer_5 Yes because believing in the
supernatural is a total #win. *sarcasm*

Straw man and mockery, as well as arbitrary assertion. Boring as well as annoying. David Preece ranted:
@Stormbringer_5 Ha Ha Ha. Like sleepy toddlers you creationists are way past the point of reasoning. After a nap try reading a factual book.

Try to figure this one out. I had to look up "necroposting", and it has nothing to do with the subject. Looks like just another weak excuse for throwing stones. Plus, an unsubstantiated assertion. Unless he's upset about the "fool" thing. Take it up with God (Psalm 14.1). The rest of it...fuggedaboudit:

One more. I have engaged this guy before, and he is still angry that I ran rings 'round him logically. (He made a few slurs and then did the courtesy of blocking me, for which I am thankful.) Anyway, it appears that he is angry that I call them on their fallacies. Can I help it that ridicule, mockery, ad hominem, poisoning the well, assertions and especially the straw man are their favorite (albeit useless) tactics? Have a looksee at what Michael Sizer-Watt raved:
@stormbringer_5 You call every fallacy (and many non-fallacies) strawmen. Good bye. Again.

BONUS EDIT! This astoundingly arrogant assertion is also fraught with fallacies. Count 'em:

There are some basic things in play here. First, atheism is failing, and that is documented (one reason is that atheism creates its own "Poes" with irrational, vituperative attacks like the ones demonstrated above [5]. Although they claim to love "reason", I see very few atheists who actually use reason (this was blatantly demonstrated at the failed "Reason Rally" [6]). But then, atheism itself is logically and philosophically irrational [7] and bigoted [8, 9].

Another reason is their worldview. Atheistic presuppostions are that, by virtue of their disbelief, they are somehow more intelligent than Christians — especially Biblical creationists. Part of their worldview is based on a genetic fallacy [10]! I'm just a st00pid dumb Xtian that won't listen to "reason". Well, I have my own worldview that is firmly rooted in reality instead of denial and assertions. Christianity is logically and philosophically consistent. One attacker in the above screen shots, who ironically calls himself "Oz", was being particularly petulant by claiming about me: "Not willing to listen and arrogantly determined to remain ignorant...There's just a dogged determination to not learn. He doesn't want to be taught and doesn't want to think". Well, aside from the tone of a spanked schoolboy, I do not want to "learn" by rejecting the truth.

Addendum — I had to add this gem, the fruit of atheism in action:

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