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Eviscerating Atheopathic Objections Again

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Modified 4 July 2022 In previous years, I had a stalker who was a gold mine for bigotry and logical fallacies. Since he was repetitious and desperate for attention, I decided to instead utilize the abundant resources on teh interwebs. This next furious atheist is another clinquant example of what atheism does to the mind. Background image credit before modification: Supposed dark matter ring in galaxy cluster Cl 0024+17 Hubblesite (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents) This article is going to be a bit tricky to write, but I reckon that I can skip some material and let you catch on, plus give you relevant links. Let me start with some background. A troll Page shares material from Christians and biblical creationists for the purposes of ridicule. I have never seen a cogent argument from the owner or from his adoring fans. Lots of mockery, straw man arguments, the genetic fallacy, and other typical fare from atheopaths, sure. Also, when he is

Copyright and Suspicious Photo Sites

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen A few years ago, I wrote an article with a passel of links to free images that claim to have no copyright restrictions. Although I targeted it toward Christians so we do not get a bad testimony for using stolen images (just because it is online does not make it up for grabs), any blogger can benefit. You can read that one at " Images on the Web: An Appeal to Caution ". Credit: Pixabay / Arek Socha The safest way to use an image in your weblog is to take your own artwork or image, avoiding recognizable people and identifiable brands. I believe that the main point of that is to avoid showing them in a bad light, or that an article might reflect poorly on them. Identifiable children are, for me, right out. In addition, we must be careful to avoid making it appear that the person, brand, image supplier, and so on are not endorsing an article or site. Landscapes, wildlife, things like that are great, but some of us need something more. Reputable