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Genius In Action

A clever lad just wanted to argue. An Admin at " The Question Evolution Project " on Facebook dismantled a ridiculous quote by Thomas Jefferson, and here is a response we had to deal with from a joker who had to say something — anything — to argue with the st00pid dumb Xtian. I guess this evolutionist is a "freethinker", huh?

More Facebook Double Standards

In a previous post, I discussed and documented the blatant double standards of Facebook , especially against conservative viewpoints, both political and Christian. Here is some more material about that. J.D., the originator of a parody Page called "Atheists Shouldn't Be Allowed to Reproduce", had complaints and his Page was taken down by Fazebook. He was also put in the time-out corner for a while. Why? "Atheists Shouldn't Be Allowed to Reproduce" was a parody that J.D. described as being similar to Mad magazine (presumably from the good years). Ironically, Mad magazine is on Facebook , but this parody that is inspired by it was taken down. It did not have obscene images, profanity, racism or offensive to a religion. Wait...religion? Although atheism is a religion , misotheists do not want to admit this (despite their denials based on ignorance of religion and philosophy). So they are unlikely to have complained that "Atheists Shouldn'