January 5, 2014

More Facebook Double Standards

In a previous post, I discussed and documented the blatant double standards of Facebook, especially against conservative viewpoints, both political and Christian. Here is some more material about that.

J.D., the originator of a parody Page called "Atheists Shouldn't Be Allowed to Reproduce", had complaints and his Page was taken down by Fazebook. He was also put in the time-out corner for a while.

Why? "Atheists Shouldn't Be Allowed to Reproduce" was a parody that J.D. described as being similar to Mad magazine (presumably from the good years). Ironically, Mad magazine is on Facebook, but this parody that is inspired by it was taken down. It did not have obscene images, profanity, racism or offensive to a religion.

Wait...religion? Although atheism is a religion, misotheists do not want to admit this (despite their denials based on ignorance of religion and philosophy). So they are unlikely to have complained that "Atheists Shouldn't Be Allowed to Reproduce" was offensive to their religion. 

Meanwhile, nasty stuff is allowed to continue. I am thinking of Ephesians 5.11-12, that even the names of many of the atheopath groups on Facebook are disgraceful. To avoid offending readers, I obscured the obscene name of this Page:
Even the name of the Page is nasty, let alone the content. Yet, it does not violate their alleged "standards". (I told J.D. about this and learned that he not only reported it, but got the same response.) Others have reported similar wicked Pages and had the same kind of "sucks to be you" responses from the brilliant, kind, compassionate folks at Fazebook. A very few of those Pages have come down, but it amazes us that such blatant hate speech is allowed to continue. Kids see that stuff, you know.

Oh, and the suggestion to ask the owners of the Page to take it down? Yeah, sure. What will you get besides abuse? It's happened to me, I tried the "Ask Whozit to remove the comment you find offensive" because they claim it's the fastest and easiest way to resolve things, and all I got was harassment.

Aside from being nasty, this guy is also amazingly stupid, and is proud to show it in his remarks.
The power behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is an atheist. I wonder if that is part of the problem, that a parody Page about atheists gets shut down, but multiple atheopathic obscene hate speech Pages remain? Even common sense would say, "Shut it down". (There are even Pages set up to attack individuals, and those are also allowed to stand.) I believe that bigotry is rampant in the Facebook management.

By the way, Facebook, these images are posted under Fair Use for information reporting purposes. We wouldn't have to do this kind of thing if you were consistent in your "standards" and bothered to clean up your act. You're sure into political correctness, though, and go after other parody Pages. Don't think this won't backfire on you and affect your market share. Remember when Myspace was the big thing? They faded big time. It can happen to you, too, Buttercup.

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