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Lack of Meaning in the Lives of Leftists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen In the first season of the hardcore humanistic evolutionary show  Star Trek: The Next Generation , the entity known as Q was antagonizing Captain Picard and the starship's crew. Picard misquoted Shakespeare. The misquote is not so much the issue, but Picard's attitude toward humanity: PICARD: Oh, no. I know Hamlet. And what he might said with irony, I say with conviction. What a piece of work is man. How noble in reason. How infinite in faculty. In form, in moving, how express and admirable. In action, how like an angel. In apprehension, how like a god. [Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2] Q: Surely you don't really see your species like that, do you? PICARD: I see us one day becoming that, Q. He may as well have stamped his foot and said, "We're humanity!  Don't underestimate us, because we've evolved into a great and noble species!" Wishful thinking, Cappy. To summarize entropy in the most basic terms, everything goes from