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Laughing at You

Edit: News reached me that a certain highly intellectual and deeply compassionate atheist referred to this band as "the most retarded". You're a class act, Poindexter. What a joke! Here is the title track of the 1991 song by Deliverance, called "What a Joke" (written by Jimmy P. Brown II and George Ochoa): I'm so tired of all this guile Homos saying they're not perverted It's an alternative lifestyle Law enforcement, politicians and businessmen These days with most of them Corruption is a synonym We fight this battle not against evil Against those who think they are good I've not stolen, murdered or destroyed God will let me in! What a joke God will laugh at your calamity What a joke He will mock when your terror comes Wannabe intellects spew "There is no God" Proving themselves fools, liars and frauds Remnant prays this battle against evil Against those who perceive they are


Here is a reasonably accurate facsimile of my debates with certain obstreperous online atheists. They cannot understand simple logic, even after I explain it to them. And they certainly will not admit when they are wrong! God forbid! Heh. I am the one in white: