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The Secular Science Industry vs the Abortion Ruling

Addendum added 2 July 2022. We have seen many times in the past where the secular science industry has supported leftist causes, and now it is increasing. This is indeed unfortunate for the scientist who wants to do science stuff. Many of us can relate, having to earn a living trying to do what is best for the patient or customer. Indeed, if a prospective employer reads this and rejects me, their company is not worth my talent. Abortion is a sacred sacrament to leftists. Although fake science gave abortion a veneer of deniability with, "The fetus is not human yet, it is just going through past evolutionary stages", people know full well that the fetus is an unborn human baby. Fetus means  baby. They want to kill it anyway. In  Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization , the United State Supreme Court overturned the terrible legislation of Roe v. Wade  from 1973. Abortion has been an important aspect of the Democrat Party for many years, so they and other leftists are incen