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Leftist Political Activists in the Secular Science Industry

If there is anyone left who thinks that scientists are impartial and motivated by facts, they need to drop those illusions quick-like. Scientists have the same qualities and fallacies as the rest of us, but are committed to a worldview of atheistic materialism — with atoms-to-aerobiologist evolution at the forefront. At many points in history, the "intellectual class" would exert influence on governments for elitist rule. After all, they were educated and "smarter" than the commoners. This is happening today, and it is escalating. Adapted from an 1883 image by Kate Greenaway Elitists desire power, and it has been glaringly evident in recent years, especially in the formerly United States. Political leftists are famous for spreading their propaganda. This includes the usual techniques of concentration and repetition, the big lie, arbitrary assertions, excluding inconvenient facts and other fallacies . "Follow the science" is shouted from the rooftops, but t