Leftist Political Activists in the Secular Science Industry

If there is anyone left who thinks that scientists are impartial and motivated by facts, they need to drop those illusions quick-like. Scientists have the same qualities and fallacies as the rest of us, but are committed to a worldview of atheistic materialism — with atoms-to-aerobiologist evolution at the forefront.

At many points in history, the "intellectual class" would exert influence on governments for elitist rule. After all, they were educated and "smarter" than the commoners. This is happening today, and it is escalating.

Adapted from an 1883 image by Kate Greenaway
Elitists desire power, and it has been glaringly evident in recent years, especially in the formerly United States. Political leftists are famous for spreading their propaganda. This includes the usual techniques of concentration and repetition, the big lie, arbitrary assertions, excluding inconvenient facts and other fallacies. "Follow the science" is shouted from the rooftops, but true science is being denied: aborting babies is not murder, people can change genders, neo-Darwinism is proven, and more.

It is disappointing but not surprising that the secular science industry supports leftist causes. Their worldview is fundamentally flawed. Using exceptionally dishonest propaganda and feeding it to the public, Christians, Conservatives, and others are demonized into non-persons — we are enemies of truth and science. Except that they have no consistent foundation for morality and ethics!

Outright lies have been told about President Donald Trump and others, lying by omission is blatant, censorship is frequent, and the fraudulently "elected" President Biden and his associates are touted as heroes. None of these tactics are virtuous, and true science has no place in them.

For all intents and purposes, Big Science is an arm of the Democrat Party who impeached President Trump twice over a Russia hoax and an innocent phone call with a foreign leader (for which Trump produced the transcript after the call for his impeachment, which the Democrats ignored). The Democrats’ hatred of Trump was (and is) vicious and visceral, so much so that they schemed to rig the 2020 election so that he could not win despite getting the most votes received for any incumbent President in history. Mollie Hemingway tells what happened in Rigged, her best-selling book about the plot to seize the election from what would have been an assured second term. Big Science was right there with the Democrats, working to get him out and keep him out.

Does this sound like what science was supposed to be about, to seek the truth about the natural world in an unbiased way? Are we exaggerating about their bias? Nature, Science or PNAS and the other leaders of Big Science could falsify these assertions by printing one unadulterated editorial—just one—praising Trump for something he did and accusing Biden of being anti-science. You won’t find it.

This article was published on 22 January 2022, and things have become worse since then. I recommend that you read the whole thing anyway, jet over to "Big Science Has Sold Its Soul."

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