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Five "Arguments" of Atheists (Plus Three)

There are many good articles refuting the simplistic arguments of atheists and evolutionists, but I was somewhat startled to read Bryan's list of five "arguments" of modern atheists. The reason I was startled is that it is common to encounter these substitutes for thinking in a single day , sometimes in less time, and I liked his summary. Before I give you the link, I would like to add some observations of lameness that the more feculent atheists have to offer. These happen because atheopaths think they're clever, but actually cannot offer reasonable discussions or rational thinking. Blatant insults. While some insults are actually well-crafted, in the end, they are not worth the expenditure of time and energy. Making stuff up, and other lies. I have had some interesting (and libelous) things said to and about me that little or no basis in truth. In addition, things are said about God, the Bible, Jesus, creation science, Intelligent Design, Calvinists, Armin

Atheists, Leftists and Bullies

Bullying’s not about anger, it’s not about misunderstandings, it is about contempt. Bullies express contempt for other people. It is the language of supremacy — bullies are supremacists. And they are stripping people of human dignity every day. — Transcribed from a Paul Coughlin presentation Tweaked for wording 10-25-2012. Having a multi-purpose Weblog has some advantages. Sometimes I get bored and want to stop (after all, it's been going for five years and almost five months with over a thousand posts and articles just on this one). Other times, I get fired up and need to share one of my brilliant insights that the world cannot live without. Plus it's a good platform for sharing audio clips and things. None today, however, I've caught up. Other times, it's like a journal. Some things came together for me today when I was listening to a podcast where I work. (Yes, Norman, I learned about your bitter, libelous remarks . Some of us are intelligent enough to

Atheism and the "Gotcha!" Game

There are several ways that I've seen Dawkinsites, Darwin's Junior Stormtroopers, stalkers, Intolerant Tolerants and other vituperative members of the Thought Police play the "Gotcha!" game. Like many of their activities, this is rooted in pride and ego. First, they go to the laughable pooling of ignorance sites of atheism (such as the inane [ir]RationalWiki ) and evolutionism (such as the absurd ) to find horrible "proofs" for their worldviews, and try to catch Christians and creationists with such nonsense. (It is very tedious to try to have anything resembling a discussion when someone posts nonsense from one of those sites as if it was a complete refutation of someone's position, but they do not engage in actual discourse.) It's amazing how people with little to no knowledge of theology, psychology, history, philosophy, ancient literature, culture, social customs, language, science and other things seem to think that they are g

More On Atheistic Reasoning

While going through some forums and Weblogs, I found some old hate mail, comments and so on. The terrible reasoning skills of atheists and evolutionists is astonishing. Most of the modern Internet atheists on pa-TROLL are consumed with hate for God and his people, and seek to destroy the faith of others. (Do they give Mohammedans even one tenth of the vitriol that they spew on Christians? Of course not! That should give a reasonable person something to think about.) A large number are bitter apostates who are so stupidified by their hatred that they cannot put two coherent thoughts together. Also, there is an unbelievable amount of (unwarranted) pride in them. I have noticed some consistent patterns: Blaming. Their problems are the fault of others. Playing the victim card. Not only will they blame other for their problems, but they tend to have an "Oh, poor me!" attitude — especially when someone stands up to their attacks, then they turn from aggressor into a chi