October 21, 2012

More On Atheistic Reasoning

While going through some forums and Weblogs, I found some old hate mail, comments and so on. The terrible reasoning skills of atheists and evolutionists is astonishing. Most of the modern Internet atheists on pa-TROLL are consumed with hate for God and his people, and seek to destroy the faith of others. (Do they give Mohammedans even one tenth of the vitriol that they spew on Christians? Of course not! That should give a reasonable person something to think about.) A large number are bitter apostates who are so stupidified by their hatred that they cannot put two coherent thoughts together. Also, there is an unbelievable amount of (unwarranted) pride in them.

I have noticed some consistent patterns:
  • Blaming. Their problems are the fault of others.
  • Playing the victim card. Not only will they blame other for their problems, but they tend to have an "Oh, poor me!" attitude — especially when someone stands up to their attacks, then they turn from aggressor into a child.
  • Personal attacks. Weak-minded and unstable people are more interested in attacking a person because they cannot defeat them with reason. So what if I'm a bad man? I'm still right and you're still wrong, Buttercup. (Norman the Paranoid Troll lashes out with libelous diatribes but does not back up his childish rants with documentation.) In one Weblog, I was being attacked for making a comment — but it was not me that made the comment! The guy was so obsessed with hate, he was having a tantrum. I don't think he apologized to the person he maligned, either. Whatever, man. No point in defending myself against irrational people.
  • Exceptional narcissism.  "It's all about me!" I would write about a stalker or hater, and someone (like Norman) would think I was writing about him. What is really interesting is when I make up a hypothetical situation, or simply make a joke, and someone who had nothing to do with the thing gets his panties in a bunch.
  • Self-Identifying. This is a kind of sub-point to the one above. It has happened many times: I write or talk about a hater, stalker, situation or whatever, and someone comes along and says, "He's talking about me! That's libel!" They're so angry and hateful that they are saying, "Yes! I am the idiot that did the amazingly stupid thing he's talking about!" If they had stifled themselves, they would not have to worry about people knowing that they are the subjects under discussion. I've got some bad news for you, Sunshine: You're not my only hater, stalker, troll or whatever.
  • Liars hiding in lairs. This is so cute, it's precious. They have forums, boards, special Weblogs and whatever else you want to call their places to congregate. It's like a religious gathering. In their assemblies, they combine all kinds of nonsense: Character assassination (since they cannot overcome the opposition's ideas with reason), libel, blaming, protecting their atheistic and evolutionary religious "principles" as well as their heroes, organizing trolling raids, getting other weak-minded people to side with them, ridiculing the straw men, assigning motives to people (appeal to motive fallacy), justifying their behavior — basically just whining — whew! And that's just before lunch. 
Many are just plain stupid. That's right, I said it! Are people like this employable? They spend a great deal of time doing nonsense, so probably not. This kind of evil never sleeps. One thing I am certain about for types like this: They keep building up their bloated egos with fellow reprobates, but they will never gain the respect of intelligent people.  


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