October 27, 2012

Five "Arguments" of Atheists (Plus Three)

There are many good articles refuting the simplistic arguments of atheists and evolutionists, but I was somewhat startled to read Bryan's list of five "arguments" of modern atheists. The reason I was startled is that it is common to encounter these substitutes for thinking in a single day, sometimes in less time, and I liked his summary.

Before I give you the link, I would like to add some observations of lameness that the more feculent atheists have to offer. These happen because atheopaths think they're clever, but actually cannot offer reasonable discussions or rational thinking.

Blatant insults. While some insults are actually well-crafted, in the end, they are not worth the expenditure of time and energy.

Making stuff up, and other lies. I have had some interesting (and libelous) things said to and about me that little or no basis in truth. In addition, things are said about God, the Bible, Jesus, creation science, Intelligent Design, Calvinists, Arminians, Christianity, "religion", my private parts or whatever else simply for the purposes of ridicule and the entertainment of the simple minded.

Concentration and repetition of the above. That is, the fallacy of repeated  assertion as used in Nazi propaganda; say something enough times and hope that people believe it.

Of course, I am not moved by the petty and simple-minded people. (Like the above graphic shows, they do not qualify.) Well, actually, I am moved in a way — I move on and do something else. People who will make up lies for the purpose of ridicule are beneath contempt. What is amazing is how they get approval of others who are as vacuous as they are (Romans 1.22, 32).

And now, I'll turn you over to Bryan's article, "The Top Five 'Arguments' of Modern Atheists".

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