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Modern Culture and Changing Morality

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen This is one of those articles that will probably be outdated within days, but I am writing it because the time-sensitive examples should still be useful in support of the principles they underscore. As societies change, so do moral "standards" — unfortunately. There is an ultimate standard, but that is unwanted nowadays. Credit: Unsplash / purplepic Rescinding the Offer Kyle Kashuv was a survivor of the Parkland school shooting by a leftist in 2018. He was admitted to Harvard, but people who disliked his pro-Second Amendment views dug up dirt on him, sent it to Harvard, and they rescinded their offer. Chris Stigall discussed this in his podcast at about the 37 minute mark. Apparently, even though Harvard, a bastion of anti-Christian and anti-Conservative thought (ironically, it was established on Christian principles ) has decided that certain politically incorrect words deserve their harsh judgment. Saying such things was not worthy of