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Fundamentally Flawed Atheistic Reasoning

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Once again, I need to state that everyone has a worldview that is comprised of presuppositions (those things that we assume to be true without verification). Atheism is a weird belief with many aspects, and some people who profess atheism are actually agnostics (unsure of God's existence). I've even seen one tinhorn profess agnosticism and then jump the fence and identify as an atheist in the same post. So, atheists have a passel of presuppositions in their religion . I suspicion that some people want to call themselves atheists because they heard that atheists are the smartest people. That's demonstrably false. (It also leaves out the fact that many of the most brilliant people, past and present, have been not only Bible-believing Christians, but biblical creationists as well.) Often, Christians have challenged the claims of professing atheists, and the atheists are startled to find that they are not reasoning properly. That really puts a bur