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Hate Mail and Comments

Buona sera. Here is something that I am stealing outright. But it's OK, I'm doing it for my critics. Some of my hate mail (I include comments in this) is, frankly, lame. Yes, I have had a few that had a bit of life to them, and some imagination. Some have been dull, predictable and forged in the feeble minds corrupted by methamphetamine and the fungus on the walls of Mommie's basement. Others have been profane and obscene, so I simply delete them. Matt Slick of CARM to the rescue! He has created a form letter, a Pick-Your-Insult Page: Instead of cogent arguments refuting my alleged errors, the responses I usually get amount to nothing more than a barrage of abuses, accusations, and attacks on my character. This is all fine and dandy except that the various insults are often poorly written, not very logical, lack imagination, and are riddled with various grammatical and spelling errors. Sometimes I cringe as I read the diatribes penned in poor writing, so much so tha

Messin' with Kepler

Buona sera. Time for a silly little post after the serious stuff. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) was a great astronomer, yes? He was also a Christian , and considered science as "thinking God's thoughts after him". That gets me to wondering about critics. No, not the ones who are paid to give their views on cinema, the arts, books or whatever. I mean the mouthy children who live to criticize others.  One "critic" in particular claims that his Weblog is "my thoughts". I suggest that perhaps he could take a cue from Kepler, make a rearrangement, can call it, "Thinking Bob's thoughts after him". Yes, yes I do think I'm funny! Arrivederci.

Loaded Verbal Gun

  Buon giorno. I was going to use today for an article on how to give me hate mail, but this tripped my trigger. I have to do a boatload of qualifiers and disclaimers here. This appeared on my Twitter account (a thing I seldom use beyond autoposts), and I cannot reply to it while working. So, I cannot discuss it with the commenter before writing this. If he wants to lay claim to it in the comments section, he is welcome. Otherwise, I am assuming that he wants his privacy. So, today his name is going to be Lincoln Sears. He is an atheist, and I do know his name. I do not know exactly what Mr. Sears means by his comment, and I am not going to put words in his mouth or assume that I know what he is thinking. (It's only fair, don't you think, Norman? Are you going to say that I faked that comment?) What I am going to do is use it for a springboard. Wow, enough with the disclaimers and stuff. On to the fun! I should point out that I have never been able to leave a comment at Ans

Another "I Told You So!"

"Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion—a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality... Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today." — Michael Ruse, anti-Creationist philosopher ( thanks to )  

Yet Another Atheist Attack

As always, I'm speaking in generalities, because I know of a few exceptions. People have the right to believe or disbelieve all they want, and I have said that repeatedly. So why does another's disbelief trump my belief? Why try to take that belief away?  I keep hearing/seeing reading that modern atheists are oh so much smarter than the billions of people in the world who know that there is someone higher up than we are. They are especially smarter than us dumb stoopid xtians; just ask them . Do you know what this is? Can you handle the truth? It's religious bigotry. So, why all the protests and other trouble-making? There is no valid reason to spam and troll Christian sites , even though these hypocrites claim to believe in "tolerance" and "free speech". It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to realize that they could just go on about their business, being smugly self-assured, jeering in their atheist chat rooms and not doing a blasted thing to actual

Time Wasters: Anger and Hate

Buon giorno. Today's lesson in time wasters focuses on the evil twins of anger and hate. When you think about it, they trade places and even overlap sometimes. I'm not going to say, "Don't do that!" because hate and anger happen and are not dismissed in a simplistic manner. But education and awareness can help alleviate the problems. So, get comfortable and become educated now. When you're angry, you tend to lose focus. Calm down, for crying out loud! Your enemies are more than happy for you to make a mistake and then take advantage of the situation. (So is Satan; he just loves it when you get crazy and curse out the bellhop or even get into a physical altercation, giving him more control over you.) For that matter, loss of self control is simply bad psychology because you'll keep giving in to it and have an increasingly shorter fuse. Have you ever hated anyone? I'll admit to it, but it's rare. No, I'm not talking about someone you

More Persecution Information

The other day, I asked Christians to pray for the persecuted church and to get informed about what believers around the world are enduring. Some of us in America have persecution, but frankly, it is child's play compared to what happens in China, North Korea, Iran , India and other areas. I've been listening to Crosstalk podcasts (thanks to a tip from Silly Goose ), and on Monday, November 15 , they were discussing the persecuted church. This was with someone from Open Doors , another organization that ministers to, and gives information about, persecuted Christians. There are tens of thousands of Christians persecuted primarily for being Christians (although sometimes ethnic persecution is another part of the problem). Of course, there are always losers that have to mock. After all, there is no widespread persecution for jerks, atheists, leftists, Muslims, communists or others. Give a listen to this — person — who called into the show: Heartless loser. As far as I'm con


Isaiah 14.12-14 Revelation 13.18 He came like a savior from the east With the face of an angel But the soul of a beast Out of war he promised peace And to all, prosperity We trusted him and that was when He brought us to our knees We wanted an end to all our fears He told us peace would reign a thousand years And as we swallowed up his lies Slowly we were paralyzed He sealed our fate, then far too late We saw through his disguise Six sixty six It was hard to believe we could be so deceived by Six sixty six For a mark on our skin we sold our souls to him Without it no one could buy or sell He made the world his throne, this prince of Hell And those who would not worship him Were never seen or heard again His word was law, we surrendered all But we prayed for life to end Six sixty six It was hard to believe we could be so deceived by Six sixty six For a mark on our skin we sold our souls to him And th

Time Wasters: Unreliability

Buon giorno. Today's lesson on time wasters is when people and things are unreliable. F'rinstance: Cell phone service should be there when you need it Internet service should be consistent Cable TV service should be available on demand Your auto's battery should start it up The can opener should open cans every time, or Fido and Fluffy will start to get cranky and demanding The airplane should stay together from takeoff through landing "Big deal, Uncle Bob! We know all that stuff." I'm glad you're paying attention. Now, how about people? You should be reliable on the job. If the boss considers you unreliable, don't expect that promotion, raise or even continued employment Your boss should pay you for your work Your friend should be reliable and willing to share your burdens You should keep your appointments and be on time A pathological liar hammered you again, and he should be honest Your doctor should diagnose your condition accurately