November 16, 2010

More Persecution Information

The other day, I asked Christians to pray for the persecuted church and to get informed about what believers around the world are enduring. Some of us in America have persecution, but frankly, it is child's play compared to what happens in China, North Korea, Iran, India and other areas.

I've been listening to Crosstalk podcasts (thanks to a tip from Silly Goose), and on Monday, November 15, they were discussing the persecuted church. This was with someone from Open Doors, another organization that ministers to, and gives information about, persecuted Christians. There are tens of thousands of Christians persecuted primarily for being Christians (although sometimes ethnic persecution is another part of the problem).

Of course, there are always losers that have to mock. After all, there is no widespread persecution for jerks, atheists, leftists, Muslims, communists or others. Give a listen to this — person — who called into the show:
Heartless loser. As far as I'm concerned, this is a form of persecution; arrogant atheist trolls are not limited to the Internet by any means. His only reason for calling that show was simply to cause pain. Great job at showing how enlightened the "rational" mind is, Buttercup.

For those of us who serve a higher calling, we need to continue to become educated about these issues (click the links for starters), but also to keep on praying. Then, we can stay active in our own country and make sure that we do not become the United Soviet States of Atheist America, or the Islamic Republic of America. Kicking a flock of leftists out on November 2, 2010 was a good start in the march back towards freedom, let's not lose focus for 2012. And Conservatives in office? We're watching you to make sure that you don't turn into country club Republicans and let us down!


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