November 18, 2010

Yet Another Atheist Attack

As always, I'm speaking in generalities, because I know of a few exceptions. People have the right to believe or disbelieve all they want, and I have said that repeatedly. So why does another's disbelief trump my belief? Why try to take that belief away? 

I keep hearing/seeing reading that modern atheists are oh so much smarter than the billions of people in the world who know that there is someone higher up than we are. They are especially smarter than us dumb stoopid xtians; just ask them. Do you know what this is? Can you handle the truth? It's religious bigotry.

So, why all the protests and other trouble-making? There is no valid reason to spam and troll Christian sites, even though these hypocrites claim to believe in "tolerance" and "free speech". It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to realize that they could just go on about their business, being smugly self-assured, jeering in their atheist chat rooms and not doing a blasted thing to actually benefit their fellow humans. Instead, they have to build up their tiny egos by pulling down believers. What, too harsh? Then give me a better (believable!) explanation. In the mean time, read this article about their latest shenanigans. Attack, attack, attack. What a hurtful, hateful bunch. It must be embarrassing to the level-headed atheists. This bunch will pretend that they're superior, but they're not fooling us.

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