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Science as a Manipulative Technique

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen First, a side note before I commence do be writing the actual article. It was eleven years ago today that I started this, my first weblog. Then, as now, it is a sort of general purpose thing. But back then, it had a great deal of political material and things that were dreadful (many of which have been removed). Although I still do some political things, I also post material on theology, refuting atheism, and some odds and ends. My main weblogs are Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman and Biblical Creation and Evangelism . Also, I've been filling in for the owner of Radaractive . Those three are the weblogs that are updated the most often. Quite a contrast from when this one started. Credit: CSIRO / David McClenaghan ( CC BY 3.0 ) As I have written in several places, some folks (especially atheists) believe that "science" is something special, even deserving of special consideration and privileges . They make science into an infallible