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I Won The Lottery!

Wowie! No more sneaking at night, no more shaking down late payments for cheese deliveries, no more government work...Yeah, sure. One of the first rules in Not Being Scammed is that you don't fall for "winning" a lottery that you never entered. In a foreign country. Where they don't know your name. Don't be a cafone . I have fun showing these scammers up, so here's today's lesson. From the keyboard of the lovely and talented Stephanie Wilson: UK GAMING BOARD ALERT. Compliments of the day to You and Your Family. We wish to inform you of the result of the National Lottery Sweepstakes program The entire staff of the Uk National Lottery wishes to inform you that your Email address has won the total Cash Prize of £850,000.00 The draw was done electronically with several email addresses provided to this office by microsoft to enhance the utilization of the internet. Your email address attached to Serial no: 5368/02, was Picked as One Of the Five Winning email Ad

Control Freak

Ernie the Gambler, Neil and I were having an interesting talk about control freaks the other day. We were trying to figure out what their problem is in the first place, and how to disarm them. Remember when I did that piece about manipulation and being manipulated ? Well, the control freak is worse. Everyone wants to have some control of their lives, their destiny, their workplace, their front porch, whatever. And mentally healthy people don't want to be controlled, they want at least some say in their relationships. These people are so weak minded that they are in so much fear and anxiety in their own lives, they want to control your life as well. You don't have much say when you're in a relationship with a control freak: Do what you're told. The problem is, when a control freak is a raving psychotic, there is no pleasing them; the rules constantly change. When you do what you're told or forced to do, this worst of controllers is still not pleased. Control freaks