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Atheist Justifications for Bad Behavior

It should no longer amaze me when atheists act irrationally, but it does. They proclaim "reason" as if they had exclusive rights to it. In fact, I have seen precious little in the way of reasoning processes from atheists. (I suspect that more civil atheists are uninterested in trolling, and are embarrassed by the Internet trolls.) They commit multiple logical fallacies, and then justify their bad logic with more of it — I have lost count of the number of times I have experienced this online. So many modern atheists use the fallacies and attempt to manipulate emotions to control the flow of conversations. (I recently trapped some particularly vituperative atheists by saying that they are incapable of rational discourse. When one with an obscene name attempted to dictate the terms of the conversation, I declined to go along with it. S/he reacted with railings, accusations and so forth, and others joined in. (Part of it was resentment at being caught in my trap and try

More Atheist "Freethinker" Nonsense

Tony Miano is a street preacher with experience and knowledge of theology. He has a burden for the lost and wants to keep people from going to Hell. Tony is affiliated with evangelist Ray Comfort . He does not deserve this: Strange...I thought atheists didn't believe in Hell.  Anyway, so many atheists will say and do almost anything, no matter how vicious, no matter how utterly stupid, just to express hate for God and his people. The word "freethinker" is totally wrong, because their thinking is not free. No, they are doing the bidding of their father down below (John 8.44-45). Hell is real. But they don't have to go there .

Strange Searches: My Secret Is Out!

Buon giorno. I tried to keep things under wraps, but it is so  difficult to keep a secret when several people are involved. (It's been rightly said that "three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead".) My action-adventure biographical movie will be released in time for the Christmas rush of 2012. It's called "Stormbringer: Adventures of an Obstreperous Cowboy Apologist". Obviously, you're all thrilled at the news. Christian Bale will play me, Ernie the Gambler is played by Chris Hemsworth, Hal the Hacker is played by David Tennant, Nicky will play himself (he's photogenic, better with firearms than any stunt actor, and the girls love him). Actresses include Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie, Famke Janssen and others. It'll be worth your time and money, capice? Here's the source of this jocularity: