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Medical Science Incompatible with Abortion Arguments

In these formerly United States, January 23 is the 38th observance of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday . We are bombarded with claims about "reproductive rights for women", "my body, my choice", and others. The baby has half of the DNA from each parent, which is another problem with such arguments. In many cases, this is a political power grab by people who have had their consciences seared. Abortion is the ending of a human life, but many do not care and are even proud of murder. In very few cases is ending a pregnancy medically necessary. Ultrasound picture from Pexels by Melike Benli By the way, they have the rights to use contraceptives or even abstinence. What women who demand their "rights" are not told are the enduring consequences of having an abortion. Leftists and others who support abortion on demand use several arguments that can easily be refuted , and they also present the viperine falsehood that it is "religious" people who are forci