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My Apology to Israel

I hope this title is not the name of an obscure movie or rock band. I've been having bad luck on that when I thought I was being creative! Who would have thought that "Fear Factory" was the name of an actual band? So anyway. B. Hussein Obama has not been content with apologizing around the world for American greatness, bowing to governmental officials (including a mayor ), and insulting our allies around the world (I'm still angry about sending back the bust of the great Winston Churchill to Great Britain ), but now he's being downright rude to Netanyahu. Well, this supporter of Israel is angry! Obama is a freakin' loser, and left the Israeli Prime Minister cooling his heels to contemplate the error of his ways while he went to supper with his family. Agonizingly rude. That "stinks on ice"! By the way, I thought that Joe "Big F**king Deal" Biden would show up and offer him a ham sandwich. He's so classy, you know. Aside

What a REAL Inquiry Looks Like

Buona sera. I've been showing you scams and such to give you a warning, and to expose the losers that are doing it. Now I've decided to show you what a real one looks like. Naturally, I'll delete all of the pertinent information. My changes will be in red, the rest will be what the company sent me. In this case, I got an e-mail from one of those that gets impersonated quite a bit, eBay. Remember, this is a real letter. Hello **My Name** ( Valid account name ),------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eBay sent this message to **My Name** ( Valid account name ). Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is a courtesy reminder that the following credit/debit card on file for your eBay account will soon e

I'm Getting Rich - Again!

Here's the latest scam to hit one of my Inboxes. Note that this lying weasel does not even use an established domain, but is using (which was taken over by AOL several years ago!) and also AIM is AOL Instant Messenger's free e-mail service. At the bottom, it looks like the e-mail came from a German site because of the advertising tag line. The headers do not support this. I wonder why spammers and scammers like "three"? Three millions pounds, three million dollars... Once again, I will remind you to never send personal information to strangers, never reply to these things at all (your e-mail address is not validated to them and you'll get even more), if it looks to good to be true, you know that's the case. And I hope you can see through the fake religiousness of this. Mrs Rosemary Everson Dear Beloved, My name is Rosemary Everson,i am a dying woman who has decided to donate What i have to you. I am 5