March 26, 2010

My Apology to Israel

I hope this title is not the name of an obscure movie or rock band. I've been having bad luck on that when I thought I was being creative! Who would have thought that "Fear Factory" was the name of an actual band?

So anyway. B. Hussein Obama has not been content with apologizing around the world for American greatness, bowing to governmental officials (including a mayor), and insulting our allies around the world (I'm still angry about sending back the bust of the great Winston Churchill to Great Britain), but now he's being downright rude to Netanyahu. Well, this supporter of Israel is angry! Obama is a freakin' loser, and left the Israeli Prime Minister cooling his heels to contemplate the error of his ways while he went to supper with his family. Agonizingly rude. That "stinks on ice"!

By the way, I thought that Joe "Big F**king Deal" Biden would show up and offer him a ham sandwich. He's so classy, you know.

Aside from the fact that I think many Jewish women are downright hot, we as Americans are supposed to be a friend of Israel! We were before, but I suspect that this president is a closet Muslim. No wonder he treats Israel like garbage.

Israel, not all of us voted for this jerk. And some of us are sorry that they did vote for him. I'm sorry. I believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and to do whatever is necessary to survive and to thrive. Many people in the USA agree with me. The rest of them can continue to fornicate with diseased sheep. Once sanity is restored, I am hoping that the USA will be a good friend of Israel again. Continue to count me among the friends!


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