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Why Become an Atheist?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  The Bible says you're a fool if you claim that God does not exist (Psalm 53:1 ESV). (And none of that nonsensical redefinition of atheist to "someone who lacks belief", that's not the established definition , old son. I lack belief in a universe without God.) God isn't just being insulting, but let's face it, you may be brilliant in comparison to other people, but in comparison to God , you're nothing. More than that, the word translated "fool", נָבָל, is not just lacking intelligence, but someone of low character that mocks God.  Hold on there, Pilgrim! Don't get the bit in your teeth and think it's all right to go wild by calling every atheist you meet a fool. See the first part of the verse? Although it applies to those who deny God's existence, there are Christian fools as well ! That's right. Christians profess to know God, but some think that they can get away with sin and defy him; they a