October 24, 2012

Atheists, Leftists and Bullies

Bullying’s not about anger, it’s not about misunderstandings, it is about contempt. Bullies express contempt for other people. It is the language of supremacy — bullies are supremacists. And they are stripping people of human dignity every day.
— Transcribed from a Paul Coughlin presentation

Tweaked for wording 10-25-2012.

Having a multi-purpose Weblog has some advantages. Sometimes I get bored and want to stop (after all, it's been going for five years and almost five months with over a thousand posts and articles just on this one). Other times, I get fired up and need to share one of my brilliant insights that the world cannot live without. Plus it's a good platform for sharing audio clips and things. None today, however, I've caught up.

Other times, it's like a journal.

Some things came together for me today when I was listening to a podcast where I work. (Yes, Norman, I learned about your bitter, libelous remarks. Some of us are intelligent enough to listen to things while working, get over it. Note to readers: "Norman" is the name I gave to a Paranoid Troll. His mature, intellectual response to being named "Norman"? To call me "Norman" right back, neener neener.)

Now, where was I before I started thinking about chromosomally-enhanced trolls? Oh, yes.

While listening to an MP3, the lecturer took an "aside" to discuss bullies. Suddenly, several things came into focus for me, things I had been thinking about recently, and observing for a couple of years.

As I have mentioned before, I detest bullies. I was on the receiving end for several years in school. In addition, God takes a dim view of it and wants his people to help defend the defenseless. So, I'm motivated by personal experience and by Scripture to step in on occasion and speak up on their behalf. Sometimes I help, other times I play the fool. It happens.

In my readings, listenings (is that a real word?) and experience, I agree with others that evolutionists and misotheists are exceptionally intolerant of Christians and creationists. Some claim to want to have "an honest discussion", but that is usually the opposite of the truth. Not only do they want to negate what we have to say, characters like this want to silence us. They are immature, often insane, sometimes demonically-influenced. They are bullies. Paul Coughlin (quoted above), is right: It's about contempt for others. They have no respect for people with contrary views. Many atheists and evolutionists are intolerant, badgering bigots wanting supremacy over Christians and Darwin doubters.

Some people proudly call themselves "scoffers". Well, so am I! So are most Christians. We check things out instead of having blind faith. But some (like Norman the Paranoid Troll) make "scoffer" into a caricature of itself by rejecting any evidence offered regarding the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus and the reliability of the Bible.

Bad news, Bubbles. People like you have tried to make us go away for a long, long time. You're going to lose. We have the Creator of the universe on our side (Romans 8.31, 1 John 4.4, 1 John 5.4, Rev. 21.8, 1 Cor. 15.57,  Matt. 24.30, Gal. 2.20, 2 Peter 3.3-7).

Have you noticed that atheists are usually on the political left? It's no surprise to see vituperative atheists taking up causes that Bible-believing Christians oppose, such as abortion, homosexual "rights" and others.

There are leftist bullies who are not necessarily atheists, they just act like it. And it's not only lying politicians and sycophant media people who attack verbally and in print, either. F'rinstance, Romney signs are removed, and you'd better not try to stop the Obama zombies. I've talked to people who will not put Romney bumper stickers on their cars for fear of vandalism or attacks. As I recall from the previous election, John Kerry supporters would follow people with George W. Bush bumper stickers into parking lots and berate them. Signs were stolen, threats were made, vandalism was done. It seems worse now, though. There are more death threats against the Republican candidate.

All because of intolerance and contempt for people with differing views. (And don't forget petty.) There's something wrong with people who cannot accept the fact that some of us see things differently, have a right to express our views (so far) and we do not need to have them shoving their religion of atheism or religion of leftism (or both!) down our throats. 

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