October 10, 2011

I Have a Question

Buona sera. Before I ask my question, I need to give some background information.

My regular readers know that I am very annoying to certain people because I am not only an unashamed follower of Jesus, but I am also a Biblical creationist for our origins (evolution is untrue, evidence points to God of the Bible). Naturally, I have some vituperative atheist stalkers.

One in particular has a phone-in podcast where they malign Christians. He and his cronies have attempted to have me call their "show" through various means:
  • Appeal to pride
  • Appeal to cause (ie, "Don't make Jesus cry by refusing")
  • Repetitive attempts at bullying
  • Attempts at humiliation
  • Ridicule
  • Libel
The one that is probably their ringleader has consistently shown himself incapable of understanding basic logic;  insists that I call "The Atheist Experience" because he called Matt Slick at CARM (I do not see much point in debates, and do not seek debates); is unnaturally obsessed with me (having written numerous posts on his "I hate Christians" Weblog); has libeled me to my online friends and acquaintances; attempts to spread what he thinks is my personal information (accurate or not, it shows particularly vicious level of insanity); can find nothing good about me (my regular readers know that I'm not only charming, but rather clever at times); has wished violence on creationists; has even told me that I should commit suicide.

I have stated several times that for me to be on this "show" would look better on his CV than on mine, and I am not interested in supporting his relentless drive for self-promotion.

Here's the question: Does anyone else think that calling this "show" is a bad idea? (For a few days, there's a survey gadget near the top of the Weblog.)
Alex Botten, Jim Gardner, Fundamentally Flawed


Rick Warden said...

Hi Bob,

I like to debate, but not so much with atheists who have stated they despise Christians for believing the Bible. See my post here for the exact quote by Alex Botten:

An Open Reply to Alex Botten and Jim Gardner


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