July 24, 2007

Press One for English

Buona sera. How are things going? Good, I hope.

Enough of this happy banter. I'm irritated, and I want to tell the world. Today's topic is something that everyone seems to be writing and talking about, and I want to go on record as well. It's a very American subject, but I wonder how many other countries feel the way I do.

Said topic is illegal immigration. Yeah, I know, so what.

I'll tell you "so what". I'm really fed up with a number of issues here. One is the attitude of some bleeding-heart Americans that say, "The poor dears are fleeing an oppressive regime, we should give them sanctuary." That's a planter full of turd blossoms! Any idea how many people want to get into the USA in the first place? They have their reasons, too. What, we should just let anyone wander in that doesn't like his homeland? Get real.

"Gosh, Bob, why should you care, anyway?"
I'll tell you why. First, the borders are wide open and any terrorist can sneak in. Both the north and the south, but we don't have an infestation of Canadians trying to sneak in and create hundreds of Little Canadas in the US.

All borders should be controlled, but the southern one controlled more.

Hey, did you know that there are many Mexicans that think they are entitled to our land? They think we stole it from them. I don't care what they think. If it was in a war a long, long time ago, get over it. Or how about this: how about if you give your land back to the Aztecs, Mayans and other natives that Spain took land from? Or for that matter, trace the land ownership back even further, the natives of the Americas were having wars and taking land from each other for generations. How far back do you want to go to find the "true" owners of this hemisphere? Maybe the Inuits?

Draw the line, get over it, it's ancient history. Really.

But bad attitudes are here, brought by people that snuck into the country. Sounds a bit unsafe to me, having people hating and resenting us, sneaking in and living here.

And don't give me that nonsense about them "doing jobs that Americans won't do", either. Did you ever see the show "Dirty Jobs"? News flash: it's full of Americans, not illegals, doing stuff that I'm too posh to do myself, and most people are too soft or prissy to do, either. But they're legal people.

Another thing I'm fed up with is the belief that "they're participating in the economy". Yeah, sure they are. Big time. But it's the economy of Mexico that they participate in, not the American economy. They don't spend money in American any more than they have to. They send the bulk of the money back to relatives there. The Illegals in the US are a tremendous boost to the Mexican economy.

I don't want to hear any of that excrement about them wanting to be citizens, have jobs, etc. (
That's the kind of thing that my pet mindless sheep would say.) Sure, many do want to work and become Americans. But we're paying the bills for Illegals to be in our prisons and dealing with the crimes that they commit. Most don’t want to become citizens. And many make America into the “bad guy”. If we’re so terrible, why do you want to come here? And do what, make the US into another huge slum like Mexico?
If someone wants to come here and work, fine. As long as the do it legally. (I saw T-shirts for sale supporting illegal Irish immigrants. I don't want them here, either! Or anyone else that sneaks in.) Now please pay attention: I'm not anti-immigrant, or anti-Mexican. I want the borders controlled so we can get people here that want to contribute to our society. Capice?

But why should they respect our laws, when we don't do it ourselves? Freaking cheapskate employers that don't want to pay a good wage for a job will hire the wetbacks who think it's a raise because of the economy back home. (Hint: want better wages and living conditions? Do it the American way, vote or do something for political change. Power to the people and all that.)

The government doesn't do anything significant to prosecute or deport the illegals. I'm furious at both major political parties at this point, and senators (is it any wonder that the root word for "senate" is the same root word for "senile"?) and congressmen should be voted out. Watch the stronzos, hold them accountable.

Build walls to keep them out? Well, either that or kick up the border patrols several notches, enforce the existing laws (yes, I know I'm repeating myself). Walls are reputed to work in other countries, so maybe they'll work here.

What do we do with the millions of wetbacks that are here? First, let's stop the flood, OK? Then we'll tackle that other issue. This article is long enough as it is.

We don't have time to deal with how we pay their upkeep with medical bills, and how emergency rooms have had to close down because of all the Illegals they've had to treat and not get paid for.

Here's your apathy: crybabies want to let people into the country, but by doing so, they're hurting our own economy and social structure. They don't care. Politicians who refuse to do anything about the flood of Illegals get re-elected, that really makes sense. This apathy is killing us.

Did you learn anything, class? How about not to be a bleeding-heart crybaby liberal around me because I'll give you facts that you don't like? You’ll also see how truth can be considered hate speech; whiners (sheep) are gonna have a field day with this one. Good lessons, huh? Now excuse me, I'm on my way out to get an order of nachos.

I highly recommend this video. It's fun. Hope you have high-speed Internet, though. If you don't, it'll take a while to load. Click here.


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