November 26, 2010

Getting Into Some Trouble

Buona sera. I still plan on making a Weblog just for Christian material, for and about Christian concerns, but I can't wait.

Yours truly managed to get himself into trouble on "Black Friday". A bit, anyway.

I had decided that I had better take firm steps to practice what I preach. One thing that I preach is that Christians are woefully lacking in their primary purpose, that of sharing the gospel. I have been in Ray Comfort's "School of Biblical Evangelism" for a while, and it has taught me a great deal. In addition, I have learned from his audio and video. I recommend that any real Christian check those out, as well thisthis, and then examine their own convictions about the final destiny of the lost, capice?
So, about practicing what I preach. The Bible teaches that those who die without Christ are on their way to Hell. No Purgatory, no reincarnation, no second chance after death; eternity is settled. Jesus commanded Christians to spread the gospel to everyone. What can lil' ol' me do? I am not exactly cut out for open air preaching. Yet. We'll see where God leads. In the meantime, I can still pass out gospel tracts. My current favorite is the million dollar bill. This time, I selected the "Santa Million". After all, it's a great day to have many people out and about doing their Christmas shopping!

Satan does not want the truth to get out and for people to be removed from his control. I had all sorts of fearful thoughts and anxiety (as well as lazy thoughts), but I put my faith in God where it belongs and pressed on. 

Once I got started, things were going well. I met some Christians (and gave them the name of a song that they had been wondering about) as well as people who were rather rude in their refusal of the tracts. Most were pleased to have such a fun gift.

"Sir, we can't have you doing that in the mall". Two men were standing there, but only one spoke. He continued to inform me that I can put them away and shop, or I can leave. But if I persisted, "We will get the police involved". I was not argumentative in the least. After all, despite popular misconceptions, the mall is not "public property" and they were within their rights to shut me down. Jethro Gibbs Wannabe was irritated when I offered a tract to his partner and him, and said, "If you offer again, we'll put you off the property". I told them that I understood, and that I would leave. Before I left, I told him that he said it very well.

Just between you and me, I get irritated at rent-a-cops at malls that get attitudes. Jethro Gibbs Wannabe was polite enough, but I could tell he detested my very existence. (Sure, I know that's subjective, but you know that feeling, yes?) He was also smart enough (or trained enough) to know that he could not lay a hand on me, because that would be assault, and rent-a-cops do not have that authority. Also, he over-stated a bit by threatening the police. The only reason I'm saying that he over-stated is that I was being polite and co-operative. But this was not a matter of my Constitutional rights being violated, and I knew it. I was there to proclaim the gospel and please the Lord, but my timer ran out.

At any rate, I hope and pray that my politeness (despite being a bit annoyed at his demeanor, which I hid very well) and my co-operation will be a witness for the gospel.

I was disappointed that I only distributed about fifty tracts. On the other hand, I am new at taking direct action to proclaim the gospel to the lost. Better days will come. At other stores and shopping centers. Very soon. I do have Monday off...


Covnitkepr1 said...

I wonder if they would have ask you to leave if you were a muslim.

I like to "one on one"..."face to face" approach for witnessing, but lately have been giving thought to the "track" thingy.

I hope you start your new spiritual blog soon. I have added myself to follow your blog here and will move my following status over to your spiritual blog when it starts.. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

Covnitkepr1 said... case you're wondering how I'm following your blog...I have you listed on my "favorites" bar.

It would be easier to return if you had a follow wedgit...just a thought.

Bob Sorensen said...

Thanks for your comments. When I get the primarily-for-Christians material going, I will announce it. Also, that will be available as a link on the profile page.

As for the "Followers" thing, I have followed people using the link at the upper left, next to the search bar. Also, I've done some following through Google Reader. The drawback to that is that I get everything there as well as my subscription in Thunderbird's reader. Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

You're doing what you believe instead of just talking about it. If someone's not a cop and lays a hand on me then it's assault and I might lay him out.

Bob Sorensen said...

Thanks Nicky, I had to get into gear instead of just learning how to do evangelism things.

You and I both know that someone who engages in the "laying on of hands" without permission, and especially without warning, is taking a risk. I don't know about you, but I'm getting better at physical restraint. I have to be, now. Imagine: "Mall evangelist flattens security guard".

Wish I could remember the comic that said something like, "What are they going to do? 'Stop, or I'll throw my keys!' Yeah, I'm shakin', Earl."

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have done the tract things years ago, when people were more open to hearing the message. But a lot has changed since and many many many people know about God and the gospel, but some of these people see poor examples by nutcases or Hollywood. So for me, what I believe, at least for myself, to be more effective is just to strike up conversations with strangers and let God work through that either by allowing for an opportunity to share or through our lifestyle/behavior. We are called to be slow to speak and quick to listen. We don't always have to be talking, sometimes we are to just listen, sometimes just do/be/live. I just try to let God show through my actions and lifestyle. And maybe walking the talk, for me, would be helping out at the soup kitchen, buying and handing out loaves of bread, or just helping out anywhere I can.

Bob Sorensen said...

Thanks for your comment, Mr. Lightning. (Norman the troll will accuse me of making you, and the comment up in 3...2...1...)

I like to do both tract and one-on-one. The tract has advantages because it is non-threatening (it won't give someone a bad look or take a judgmental tone), is available at any time &c. Using it exclusively, however, is hit-and-run evangelism.

Also, supplementing a conversation with a tract is effective.

Billy Graham said that the best evangelism is not what he did, publicly speaking to millions of people. Rather, it is the one-on-one approach.

Unknown said...

Good point that Billy Graham made. I agree.

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