June 30, 2012

Atheists Claim Everything Came from Nothing

Yours truly is amazed when evolutionists will believe "just so stories" based on guesswork, speculation, bad science and even fraud. And yet, they have the nerve to make fun of those of us who believe in a Creator.

Worse, their logic dictates that they believe everything came from nothing. Such "reasoning" is fundamentally flawed, old son.

"But Cowboy Bob, nobody believes that. Stop lying!"

Atheists ridicule Christians for the miracles we accept, but some claim that everything came from nothing. Then they redefine "nothing". Oh, please.
Don't believe me? Click here.
I have two things to show you. First, a short video documenting that supposedly knowledgeable atheists and evolutionists believe that everything came from nothing. Second, a book that makes the same claim. So, if you get hit with their denials about atheists claiming everything came from nothing, send them here. Of course, they'll ignore the evidence. Some try to weasel out of it by redefining "nothing"! It's their nature. But the truth is right here for your reference. How good is that?

And now, about the book:
If by definition something can never come from nothing, how could anything exist unless Someone put it there? This question has been used as a classic argument for the existence of God—an argument that theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss tries to tackle in his new book, A Universe from Nothing. Although the book's counterarguments were designed to close the door on God, they actually distill to failed atheist tactics. 
Krauss, fully convinced of the Big Bang, asserted that recent scientific discoveries show that something actually can come from nothing, and that the universe and all its laws did come from nothing. He wrote:
No, Nathaniel, you can find out what he wrote and read the rest of "New Book Says Universe Came from Nothing", here.


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