July 29, 2012

Can Atheists and Evolutionists Be Good American Citizens?

I suppose it depends on someone's loyalties. Atheist evolutionists do not recognize the Creator as the one who gives rights. The atheistic religion of Secular Humanism has evolution as one of its tenets. Evolution is a religion and it is not science (like we've been telling you). In fact, evolution is a faith-based religion, despite science! People were worried about John F. Kennedy being elected president because he was Roman Catholic, and his loyalty would be to the Pope. Now they're pulling the same stunt about Mitt Romney's Mormon religion. What about the evolutionist? I would be much more concerned with the freedom of Christians if there was an admitted atheist in the Presidency, since there is no God to them, and they are Statists.
The “myth of evolution” is the most seditious of all attacks being made upon the foundational core principles of our Constitutional Republic.

If one accepts the belief that evolution is fact, one must - then and there - surrender and forfeit his “Americanism” which is defined as the belief that our individual rights and liberties are derived from the CREATOR, are founded in “Nature” , and as such are unalienable (absolute) being beyond the power of all Earthly governments to abrogate. Only in “America”, do the rights of the citizen supersede the laws of the state. This is what “Americanism” is!

Every one of our State Constitutions (where the common-law and “Americanism” is administered) begins by recognizing this cardinal fundamental. To wit: “We, the People of the State of (your State), thankful to God for our religious and political liberties…”

If there is no Creator, then there can be no unalienable rights derived therefrom!

If there are no unalienable rights, then there can be no Americanism (defined above).

If rights do not come from God as the Founding Fathers decreed, then they must necessarily come from the state - in the form of granted privileges called “civil rights” or “human rights” as the Humanist Manifestos propose.

The dictionary definition of “God” is: “Most High Lawgiver” or “unaccountable, source and author of authority ” .

If there is no “God” or “Creator” recognized as the supreme authority, the state then usurps that prerogative.
This article is blunt and a real eye-opener. You can read the rest of "The 'Evolution' Myth", here.

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