The Left Hates Us

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It is not just a matter of difference of opinion on national policies, government, and so on. Leftists support all sorts of things that Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, and others promote. Instead, they advocate abortion, open borders, scaring children with climate change doomsday fake news, actively oppose Christianity, and so much more.

Leftists hate President Trump and his supporters. You do not have to like the man, but their actions to destroy him threaten the future of our country.
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Leftists were becoming aggressive and even violent toward Republicans and Conservatives back when George W. Bush was the American president. Campaign signs were stolen out of yards, vehicles with stickers were vandalized, people were harassed by leftist total strangers. Things settled down a bit when Caliph B. Hussein Obama was playing emperor for eight years (well, except for gender confusion and assassination of police officers, things were just wonderful with him in power).

Now that Donald J. Trump is the president, violence is astonishing to say the least. Take a gander at the news (not the fake news, they do not cover it) and you can easily read articles on people being beaten for wearing MAGA hats. Indeed, college students are afraid to admit that they're Republicans! This is from the party of "tolerance". Sure, they believe in free speech — as long as it meets their leftist political and cultural standards from the Ministry of Truth. Although leftists flat-out lie about this, there has been a coup in place to remove Trump from office right after he was elected.

When Mitt(ens) Romney was running for president, he made a good point regarding concerns that he is a Mormon: He did not define his run for office by his religion, nor was he running for pastor. Instead, he was running to be the president of all the people. Although Donald Trump has moral failings that have been brought into the spotlight through the internet (most of his indiscretions, incidentally, we accepted when he was a Democrat), he became president for all the people. This includes leftists and other poltroons who hate him.

I was not enthusiastic about voting for Trump, and chose against him in the Primary Elections. But he was a far better choice than Shrillary "Box Wine" Clinton, you betcha. Leftist news sources minimize his accomplishments (if they report on them at all), and spend more airtime and print bashing him than any other president has experienced. They hate him with a passion, even to the point of destroying our republic to have him removed from office under demonstrably false pretenses. Some tinhorns only choose leftist sources and biased reporting (such as the misrepresented transcript) so they can justify their hatred of Trump. 

They hate us. One leftist rag was furious with Bill Maher for being somewhat civil to a Republican. That's "wrong" by their "standards". Keep your ears and eyes open, and you will see leftists attacking people who support or simply voted for Trump. We are racists, homophobes (an appallingly stupid word used to provoke negative emotions), science deniers, and all sorts of other things. Unfortunately, people are unable or unwilling to use rational thought and "think" with their emotions. 

You don't have to adore Trump. He has flaws, and despite leftist falsehoods, his supporters admit that he is not a god. (Christians, it is your biblical duty to pray for him.) This attempt to stage a coup and have him removed from office is a great threat to this constitutional republic. I have two articles that I'd be much obliged if you'd read. First, Chris Stigall discusses how leftists are ramping up to attack Trump voters (I think it's an attempt to intimidate us into silence, leftist so that, you know). This is at "SNL Punts on Trump, Attacks His Voters Instead". Second, take a look at the very serious article by David P. Goldman, "It's Time for Every American Patriot to Rally Around Trump: The American Republic Is at Stake".


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