May 15, 2012

Should I Trust Joshua James?

Buona sera. I received an e-mail from my old pal Joshua James. And then he sent me "2nd Attempt" e-mail. It certainly is nice that he's persistent. He probably knows me and I rudely forgot about him, because he actually addressed me by name on one of my accounts where I conduct legitimate business.

Let's see... what are the problem areas?

Trust has to be earned. I learned from some of my associates this valuable lesson, that you don't give away too much trust too soon or you could end up taking a dirt nap, capice? Trust your instinct a little, but give trust slowly. This cafone hasn't done anything to earn my trust, since I never heard of the guy before. The only thing going for it is that my name is there, but he could have bought it from another of my business contacts or subscriptions.

Hotmail flagged it. Sure, I get stuff flagged all the time. That's why I check the spam filter.

I'm a member. Of what? I didn't join anything.

Click to access a download. I picked up an expression from my Cuban pal Tony Montana back when we were roommates as guests of the state, "What, are you nuts?" Leave the downloading of strange files from strange e-mails to others. You leave it alone.

His site is fishy. Using stealth technology, I checked it out a little bit. Not only is the site incomplete, but it has the promises of success. Ha! Josh should be learning from me about success!

International. This is from Canada. Although some of my best friends are Canadians (unlike a few years ago when some of us had an incident near the border), I don't like doing international business. It's hard to use legit means to come to a mutual understanding, and I hate sending Nicky and the boys all the way up there to make Joshie Boy understand reason.

Best approach? Leave it alone. Report it to the spam cops if you like, but don't ever click anything in strange stuff. For that matter, if you get e-mail from friends that doesn't look right, don't touch it. I've had junk from friends who got a trojan, and it sent e-mail in their names. Use protection, practice safe computing.
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Addendum: I am up to five spams from this cafone.

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