June 4, 2011

Christians are BAD PEOPLE!

Today's article is quite timely. I mentioned Norman the paranoid troll in my last post, and he stepped up irrational, personal attacks. Yes, I like to provoke — for a reason: To show what is inside. It ain't purty. One of his favorite mantras is how Christians are awful people. (By the way, I mention Norman because of his breathtaking insanity, but he is far from being the only atheist that makes the "Christians are awful people" assertion.) I am not impressed by such an attack. Not only do these atheists expect Christians to meet their personal expectations, but when we fail (something that must happen because their "standards" are not only arbitrary, but can shift moment to moment), they can say, "See? Christians are bad. There is no God!" I believe it is a shallow cop-out, especially since atheists have no moral foundation; we cannot say, "You are a bad atheist". No, this excuse is one-sided, cheap and convenient.

But enough of my rant. Take a look at this:

"One of the most notable and repeated ways that atheist leaders such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have attacked religion is by attacking religious people. Quotes abound, but here are a few particularly juicy ones. No matter what you think of the content, you have to admire the punchy, clever style of their writing."
Read the article here: Simple Apologetics: Are Christians quite possibly the worst group of people, ever?

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