January 4, 2013

Liars, Libelers and Censors, OH MY!

Excuse me while I think out loud. There are some things I've heard, and observations I've made, that need to be put together.

There are some people in the music industry that will have outrageous and often obscene lyrics. These are often accompanied by antics on stage that sensible people don't want their kids to see. When it was suggested that warning labels should be put on certain recordings, some recording artists howled about "censorship" (even though they still record the same nasty lyrics). Sometimes, they would go on crusades against "censorship". 

Chris Plante was commenting on how those on the left have disdain for people who think differently from them, think those people should be controlled, and that they're the ones to do it.

I've noticed the same thing about many modern atheists. They are very controlling, and want to usher Stalin's vision of a secular state through any means possible. Although these atheopaths are held in contempt by most of civilization and their numbers are dwindling, they are shrill and furious. Not intellectually fast, just furious.

They assume that they have the "right" to turn every inch of the Internet into their litter box. When they are denied the rights that they never really had, they use all sorts of emotional buzz words in their manipulative attempts to get their way. Cries of "Liar! Censorship! Coward! I'm smarter than you!" and childish insults are expected. And we are not disappointed, because people like that are so predictable.

Text from actual response to libelous hit piece about me
This also illustrates their hypocrisy. They scream about their imagined "rights", but have nothing but contempt for the actual rights of others. Misotheists want to control people, and hate our rights to have freedom of speech and freedom of thought, or even to be left alone. When we tell the truth about their intellectual and moral failings, when we show the flaws in evolutionism, we are called "liars" and "censors". In doing this, they show their inability to grasp morality, honesty, integrity, science, logic or anything of importance. And we know full well that they are the censors.

By attacking us, they show their own failings and gain further contempt from sensible people. How good is that?

One thing that the aforementioned "musicians" have in common with the atheopaths (well, two things, if you count that both are usually leftists) is the unwillingness to grasp the fact that people have the right to set standards. You cannot threaten to kill someone, you cannot fornicate in the street in most places, you cannot shoot at the Kingston Police Department building, you cannot shout "Fire!" in a crowded cinema, and so on. If what some people want to do is unwanted or unfit by the people, they should seriously think about obeying the laws and respecting the rights of others. While some of us have rights, that is.

And people like that are wanting to remove our rights through bullying, force, activist judges and so on. (At least, misotheists are not in political power yet, and they cannot tax us.) After all, modern Internet atheists and pr0n merchant "musicians" have no respect for the majority who have differing views. Because those of us who actually think for ourselves are dangerous to them.

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