January 2, 2013

Washing It Away

A New Year's Rant

Recently, I said that making preparations for New Year's Day has some psychological value. Wearing a new piece of clothing is good. I started reading a version of the Bible that was new to me, and had things lined up as I could to start the business aspect of the New Year.

As a bonus, "The Question Evolution Project" on Facebook gained some new Admins to add content and sweep up troll droppings. This is great, because the influence of Richard Dawkins and vitriolic atheism is fading, and creation science is gaining ground. People are realizing that they need the truth, not the hatred from atheopaths.

I'll come back to this in a moment.

In a podcast, Dr. James White was discussing how many Islamic apologists are inconsistent and disingenuous. This part caught my attention:

What he said reminded me of many misotheists. They do not care about truth, accuracy, integrity, the rights of others or even obeying the law. (For that matter, these types not only oppose free speech, but oppose your right to think for yourself if you disagree with them.) No, they want to be childish and attack people and "excite their base". Then they get praise from other weak-minded atheopaths for their ridicule.

But they will not get attention from people who matter.

Trolls and stalkers get squashed when they get in the way, but I am not interested in their distractions; we are not interested in their distractions, since we have far more important things to do.

When my informants tell me that my intellectual inferiors like Ashes for Brain, Halloween Boy, Norman the Paranoid Android Troll and others have libeled me yet again, I am not interested. While it is pitifully easy to dismantle what passes for logic on their hit pieces, I am not going to waste time on them. So, informants — don't inform me.

People who have such blatant double standards about libel — just a moment.

Some of them keep using that word (libel). It does not mean what they think it does. It's amazing how some people who cannot comprehend basic logic somehow consider themselves experts in law. Even if I did libel an atheopath troll, he would have to show how he was damaged; his own history would be brought forward and hilarity would ensue. 

There are legal decisions on record where someone sued for defamation of character and won the case. But he was such a louse, he was awarded one dollar in the settlement. For many atheopathic trolls, it would not be defamation of character. Rather (to borrow from the TV show "M*A*S*H"), it would be definition of character!

Can you imagine: "Yes, Your Honor, I can prove that I am the microcephalic misfit that he is talking about!"

Anyway, some trolls who start stuff  and have libeled me will accuse me of the same thing. (Sounds like a problem with projection, n'est-ce pas? Not only do they have a double standard, they are playing to their base with that lie as well.

Some of these people are so angry, so hateful, so devoid of morality, I have no doubt that they would be violent in person. Guess what? If an atheopath whacked me during a misotheist jihad, I would still be the winner! Jesus would be waiting for me. Unless they repent and receive the love and forgiveness of almighty God, judgment and eternal damnation are waiting for them.

Now, back to the shower.

I do that to symbolically wash away the bad things of the previous year. I made a point of sending alcoholic unemployed atheist stalkers and haters down the drain. Nobody needs to dwell on such negative things, and I've never been comfortable with their unnatural affections. Good riddance to attention whores.

Morons that glance at the introductions to articles here and at Piltdown Superman, but do not read the rest, and feel qualified to refute the whole thing go down the drain.

Other stuff is down the drain as well.

I have a mission to fulfill. One part of it is Question Evolution Day.

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