May 11, 2010


Buon giorno. First of all, I want to mention how I fouled up the other day.

Whenever I make a posting, it gets announced via Twitter and also put on Facebook. Aside from the automatic thing, I will help it along and give it some extra wording to make the announcement sensible. Well, the announcements went out, and then I began tinkering with the layout here. I thought I had things cleared up, but a couple of atheists jumped on the blog posting that appeared on top of mine. They made comments on Twitter that caused me to go, "Huh?"

But they were so determined to find something to cry and badger me about that they did not read my own material (most of them did not spend any time on this Weblog at all.) Only one guy did keep going and read my work, the one that asked me for a clarification on something.

That just reinforces my belief that atheists do not want to deal with opposing points of view, they are more interested in throwing stones. After all, when all they read was a follow-up piece to this one, (which was an expansion of another) and none of the rest of my material on atheism, it reinforces my belief that they are intellectually dishonest.

Having read some other Weblogs by Christians that were directed to atheists, my belief is reaffirmed. They were acting like monkeys flinging poo, insulting the integrity of the authors as well as using profanity in their personal attacks. So it seems that I have gotten away easily in my own Weblog (but not in other places). I will be "getting mine", because I will not stop posting the truth.

I am recommending for those atheists that want to fight, if they don't know about them already, try Atheist Central and also Debunking Atheists. Since my Weblog is multi-purpose, I can't give you shiny things to play with every day. And since I'm a "cut through the crap" kind of guy, I don't have time to play "gotcha" philosophical games for very long.

Some of the changes that I wanted to talk about are that I am going to have to be more willing to repeat myself. I recently learned that this is a Weblog, not a book. What I mean by that is people are coming and going, not reading from beginning to end; Weblogs are dynamic things. Also, it's almost three years old and I can't expect anyone to remember what I said on a topic before. All of this is because I'm reluctant to give someone an opening to say, "You said that before!" Well, I'm going to have to do it, anyway.

I have been going through some changes myself. Some of it I have to thank the atheists for! I have not darkened the doorway of a church for about fifteen years (another thing that will be changing), but I couldn't let them get away with bashing the truth while I was in certain forums or making comments on some Weblogs. That caused me to reach back into what I know and what I believe so that I can put up some kind of defense. Not that God needs my "help", but I had to do it.

Anyway, over the past few years, and then accelerating in recent months, I have been coming back to my faith in God through Jesus Christ. No, this won't turn into a preaching forum. But my beliefs will be a little less subtle. Who knows, perhaps I will have a spiritual application come out of an article on flash drives. Unlikely, but possible.

I'll get back to the political stuff eventually, but I have lost ground to make up, and I'm listening to Bible teachings and such. There is a great deal to re-learn, and God has a great deal to straighten out in me.

Yesterday, I installed a gadget that will let people see a Bible verse when I make a reference to it. All you nice people need do is hover over it. Try it, just bring your mouse pointer to Genesis 1.1, and you'll see what the verse says. You don't even need to click on it unless you want to read more of that passage. It saves me the trouble of putting the actual text in myself, and saves you the trouble of being distracted if you don't feel the need to read my reference.

OK, so I've rambled. I haven't been well lately. Have a good rest of the week. Click on the picture below for a larger version:


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