May 12, 2010

Fear of State Religion

I want to leave these things alone, but I keep getting involved — and having a perverse joy with it.

Why aren't the few thoughtful atheists and agnostics embarrassed by the actions of the vast majority of arrogant atheists? I have to talk to and about that bigger group, and the more civil "live and let live" atheists think I'm going after them as well. But the majority of the time, the atheists are rude weasels begging for a good slapping down. If you're a "good" atheist, then

Funny how there are atheists on Twitter, Facebook, forums, "boards" and such that put "atheist" in their names. It puzzles me that someone would want to have their entire online identity (or possibly every aspect of their personhood as well) wrapped up in something so hostile, negative and antagonistic. But anyway, it helps me identify my opponents. (One actually goes by the name "gaytheist". Wow. Provoke much, Bubbles?) If you read their postings, you can see that their entire purpose in life seems to be to cause problems. Nice to have a purpose in life, innit?

So anyway. In 1934, the Veterans of Foreign Wars placed a huge cross in the Mojave Desert as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the First World War. Eventually, the slimeballs at the ACLU screamed, "That violates the separation of church and state!" A federal court ordered it covered up in 2002. The US Supreme Court refused to order that the cross should be torn down. Instead, they did the cowardly thing and referred it back down to a lower court for more review. That means, it's still in a box. Or was.

Roger Hedgecock posted a link in Twitter to an article about thieves stealing the cross, and asked why anyone would do that? I reposted his link and added that they're full of hate.

An antagonistic, arrogant atheist replied back to me that they're afraid of a state-sponsored religion. (I gave him the Twitter version of a "drive-by": A snotty remark followed by blocking him.) What, are you nuts? Things are going your way in this country. Besides that, do you have so little faith in the Constitution? After all, people can believe or disbelieve however they want, no federally established religion is allowed, for over two hundred years! More than that, Pinhead, you're essentially saying that "the end justifies the means" as an excuse for crime. And you people dare to refer to Christians as Nazis?

By the way, call an ambulance before you go reading the constitutions of individual states. All that God and stuff they talk about, it'll put you into shock.

Oh, wait, there is reason to be afraid. After all, your kind is "progressive". And Progressivism is the greatest threat to the Constitution that exists. Essentially, it means to "progress" away from what the Constitution originally meant, and towards statism. Atheists and "Progressives" have this in common: No anchor, no standard for ethics and morals. The Constitution should change with the times, according to Progressives. Morals are up to each person according to the atheist. That leads to Chaos, according to people with sense. Hey, atheist, you have a conflict because you won't be able to choose your own morals, they will be controlled by the state. Hahahaha!

The bottom line is that whoever stole that war memorial is a hateful piece of slime, and I hope they get put in jail for the longest possible prison term. Maybe we can hook them up with a couple of very lonely inmates, too.

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