April 16, 2011

Atheist Standards of Morality - Part 2

Buona sera. In the first installment of this "series" (which may end after Part 3), I used an excerpt from Greg Koulk's "Stand to Reason" radio show/podcast. He was discussing with a caller certain logic fallacies of atheists, and I pointed out that these matched my own experiences fairly well. Now, I am going to expand on that with an excerpt from "Faith and Reason" with Matt Slick.

This excerpt is heavily edited. Well, my parts are. I made some attempts at humor, did some "ummm" things and had some other false starts. Those are distracting, so I edited myself, capice? Matt's comments are intact, however. But since some petty trolls think that all Christians are liars, you can check the source material for yourself here. If your time is valuable and you want the essence of the conversation, it is below and runs for less than 7-1/2 minutes:

By the way, the challenge is still open for atheists who want to call in. He gets calls from various places around the globe, including England and Australia. Don't be afraid. If you're going to be civil, not insulting him or his family, sticking to the topic, take time to actually dialog instead of rant, you won't get spanked.


Paul Baird said...

I've listened to Matt Dilahunty discuss stuff with Matt Slick, so enough already.

Stormbringer said...

Actually, I have Part 3 to go. These are showing that your cantankerous allies are not fooling anyone, they do not make the rules, people are not intimidated by their attempts at manipulation. If they want to follow the rules and desire honest communication, it can be accomplished if they leave behind the rancor.

I firmly believe that Matt would really like a call from a knowledgeable bloke like you, because you two could discuss some deeper matters. He gets going in a discussion on some deeper philosophical topics with someone and my eyes glaze over.

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