August 1, 2020

Another Wicked Atheist Meme Refuted

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Atheists are mighty fond of making "memes" to ridicule Christians and biblical creationists, receiving praise from their pestiferous comrades. While claiming to believe in reason, these things are usually straw men. Add to this the extrapolation fallacy, and thinking people should reject these out of hand.

Evil angry atheist monkeys make memes in their efforts to malign God, but they are refuted by thinking people.
Modified angry monkey image from Freeimages by Nico van Geldere
The extrapolation fallacy is also prominent among advocates of fish-to-fool evolution (see "The Extrapolation Fallacy in Evolutionary Storytelling"). Atheopaths not only make "memes" that can be refuted, but they use the extrapolation fallacy in posts on their social media. The exception is used as the rule.

For example, there are instances of when someone in a religious cult refuses a vaccination or other medical treatment for a child who tragically dies. This means all "religion" is bad according to such posts. No, it means there is something wrong with those people, and their beliefs are not representative of biblical Christianity. Similarly, the claim that "Hitler was a Christian", which has been abundantly refuted many times, is based on some of his remarks. He redefined Christianity to suit his own purposes. It should also tell you something about professing atheists who choose to believe Hitler.

This post was prompted by something I attempted to submit on my author/public figure Page on Fazebook, but they instantly rejected it as "against community standards".

Click for larger, used under Fair Use provision
I can document many instances of their double standards and biases against Christians and Conservatives, but not today. So I couch in within my own weblog to dodge the arbitrary censors.

It involves a photograph from about 1920 of a certain white supremacist group in Oregon. Atheists use the image to malign biblical Christianity, extrapolating that this group is representative of our beliefs and of what the Bible teaches. Not hardly! Meanwhile, atheist double standards kick in when we point out that Stalin, Mao, Castro, Lenin, and many other communist mass murderers were atheists. But no, somehow their atrocities had nothing to do with atheism while those who do not accurately represent biblical Christianity are somehow typical. Yes, they really think like that. Check it for yourself.

By the way, background on the photograph upon which this "meme" was based was not so much anti-black, but anti-foreign. It was after the First World War, and many Americans were promoting a sense of hyper-nationalism.

The article I am recommending (although I do not know other contents of that site, so this is not a blanket endorsement) effectively deals with the biblical truth of unity in Christ and that there are no races, just ethnic groups.
Really?? Does this one even need refuting? Does anyone seriously think the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) represents “Christian Values”? The KKK is associated with such values as white supremacism, slavery, cross-burning and hatred, NONE of which are sanctioned in Scripture. Yes, that’s right. Slavery, as it was practiced in America 200 years ago, is NOT condoned in Scripture. It would have been classified as man-stealing, which was forbidden and punishable by death under Old Testament Law.
You can read the rest at "Atheists’ Memes Refuted: KKK".


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