May 24, 2010

Why I Cannot Trust Atheists Part 2

Welcome to the exciting conclusion! I strongly recommend that you read Part 1 here before reading this. Just don't be like those who are afraid of the truth, and only spend about a minute there.

I have to start this section with an admission of error. When I said that the atheists that I knew when I was younger were more "live and let live", that was mostly true. However, I must not have circulated in the right circles, because arrogant militant atheism has been around for quite a long time. My perceptions were incomplete.

Part of the difference is the Internet. In my last installment, I said that today's atheists are cowards because they can hide their obnoxious selves behind anonymity, and say things online that they would not have the guts to say in person. That is probably what I dealt with in the past, that those atheists most showed some amount of civility and did not try to cram their anti-religion down my throat.

Oh, that's right. Atheists deny that they have a religion. It's a belief system and involves denial of a superior being, the supernatural, a soul, the afterlife, and so forth. Yet there is a kind of situational ethics and something that passes as a moral standard. It is a worldview. That's a religion you have there, Blossom. By the way, one of the high priests of atheism, Richard "Daffy" Dawkins, is afraid of a debate with Ray Comfort.

I've learned long ago that no matter what you say or do, some people will think evil of you. Some will say that my thoughts, experiences, observations and so forth are wrong, or even outright lies. Comments have already started between posting the first part of this article and the sequel here. Let them hate and continue to deliberately misunderstand, and deny all evidence that opposes their religion. It's almost funny that atheists accuse Christians of lying to get people to believe in "their" God. Although I'm sure that some individuals might lie to cover their egos, to lie on a grand scale or as an organized effort is absurd on the face of it. Yeah, right, I'm going to plan to lie to get you to believe in a holy and righteous God who disapproves of such things. Spare me.

OK, back to the lesson.

Atheists do not have to deal with persecution. Oh, sure, some of them like to claim that they are persecuted, but that has nothing to do with reality. In America, they've never had to fear for their lives, or endure "convert or die" situations. In fact, I think they're free in most of the world to disbelieve all they want. Even atheists cannot deny that Christians have been viciously persecuted through the centuries. I'll spare you descriptions of what has happened, this is a family show. By the way, a significant part of the persecution of Christians and Jews has happened at the hands of atheists. Can someone remind me of how many millions have died at the hands of those atheistic communists? Addendum: Here is a brief discussion of atheist hypocrisy on that subject.

Sometimes they've actually cried about persecution when I've set them up and caught them in their own foolishness in comments areas and forums. Hey, did you actually climb the basement stairs and have Mommie kiss the boo-boo?

What good are you? While the Christians have been sending missionaries to the rest of the world, building homes, and church groups are providing disaster relief for tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and so on, plus Christians are setting up charities, what do you atheists do? Congratulate each other on being so smart because you disbelieve, set up yet another rant site and then troll the Christians that are living up to their convictions. Yes, atheists are a definite plus for society.

Atheists set up impossible standards.
  • They do not understand God and Christianity, but know just enough to make demands on how they think Christians should act, or how God should act. I Cor. 2.14
  • Expecting Christians to be morally perfect in their eyes (I Cor. 2.12); any real or imagined flaw is seen as an excuse to say, "You xtians are hypocrites, liars and fools! Neener neener neener!" Well, you lot do sound that way.
  • Demanding that Christians know their Bibles inside out, as well as being thoroughly schooled in all of the world's philosophies that atheists like. Naturally, since everyone cannot answer every question, they assume, therefore, that we know nothing and dismiss us as being ignorant. Guess what? We're still learning! Everyone is still learning, so why can't we? I never claimed to have all the answers, and I do not know anyone who does make that claim. However, I do know some things, and I have links available to others who have more answers.
  • With very few exceptions, atheists are not wrong in their own eyes, and Christians are almost never right. Especially if they have taken a personal dislike to someone, then nothing they say will ever be right in atheists' eyes. Ray Comfort is constantly insulted in his intelligence and integrity, and I do not see atheists saying, "You have a good point, Ray". The same kind of thing happens to Dan at Debunking Atheists, too. Romans 1.16
One more area where atheists are right: Many Christians do not know their Bibles very well. While it is irrational and unreasonable to demand that all believers know it inside out, as I have stated, too many Christians have not read it. They claim to believe the Bible, but get cornered easily when questioned. That is because there are apostate churches acting like religious social clubs and do not teach Biblical truth and equip their people as to what and why they believe.

Atheists are dishonest. That's right, I said it! In one Weblog, an atheist asked "an honest question". It turned out that this "honest question" was a set-up. I found them in their lair, laughing about it. I was rather disappointed because I gave a heartfelt response and it was ridiculed. Naturally, I lashed out and called this cafone on it. When I shared my experience with Matt Slick of CARM on his national radio show, he told me that he only knows a few atheists that will not deliberately lie to him. Also, he told me of tricks that they play and how vicious they can get. Matt told me flat out, "Don't trust atheists".

I will tell you this: Any seeker of truth that seems to be honest, I will give honest answers. But only for a short time. I have believed this thing, and Matt agrees: Spend only a little time with atheists. If we feel that we're being played, we move on.

Atheists want God to act in a way that THEY require. That is, they think that they can understand the Creator of the universe (if they want to admit that he may exist, for the sake of argument) in human terms. Then, they rail against him, "I don't want to believe in a God like that..." Tough rocks, Rowena. You can choose to disbelieve all you want, but it will not change reality. If you take it from God's point of view, try to understand what knowledgeable Christians say (and I've provided links many times to help you out), perhaps you can gain a new perspective instead of throwing a tantrum.

Another of their tantrum-demands is, "If God is real, why doesn't he show himself in such and so way?" Because you do not understand anything about God. He doesn't have to cave in to your demands. Isaiah 40.13 NIV

I remember a story that I read years ago. A fellow was giving an open-air lecture and saying, "God, you're not real. If you're real, strike me down now!" Nothing happened, and he claimed victory (I've already talked about that fallacy of logic). Someone else took the platform and said that he was accosted by a young boy, dirty and ragged. He demanded that the man fight him. Of course, the man could have knocked seven ways 'till sundown, but he kept on going. The kid shouted that he had won. The same situation for the man demanding that God strike him dead, and the other man having to deal with the angry child. Neither thing was worth the effort, and in both cases, it was an act of compassion to not rise to the challenge.

Some people I have known have chosen against belief in God because they wanted him to be a cosmic sugar daddy. "I prayed, and didn't get what I wanted", or, "My goldfish died" or similar. You do not understand, and make no effort to try to understand.

Perhaps you've experienced hurt in your life, or had dealings with false Christians that have hurt you. It has happened to me. That is not a good enough reason to reject absolutely everything, including the existence of God. Jesus knows what it's like to be hurt and betrayed.

Atheists have no sense of humor. Well, if they make the joke, it's fine. Especially if it mockery and ridicule of God or Christians. But if Christians make a joke, stand back, it's crying time. I posted a link to this cartoon, and some clown accused me of being sick because I found torture to be amusing. Well, not only does the character in the cartoon seem unperturbed, but it's a doggone cartoon! Also, he was being disingenuous because he does not believe in God, Satan, Hell, Judgment, Heaven. Use logic much?

I have to admit to taking joy in baiting them. I put out comments and they jumped all over them. When the comments were snarky or jokes, they chose to take them seriously. (I claimed victory, because they fell into my trap and showed their true colors.) Then they demanded that I show respect to the unrespectable!

Addendum: Screaming like scalded cats when I gave them a payback: I faked a couple of "responses"from the main trolls here in the comment section, left them for a couple of days and took them down. Helps prove two of my points: They can't take a joke, and if they had lives that extended beyond trolling, they wouldn't have been pranked. Their double standards are amazing.

They have nothing to offer. I told one bunch that my mother died of a malignant glioma, that my father had Alzheimer's and Dementia and did not even know me (or even himself) when he died fifteen months ago, that my brother had Down Syndrome and had the mentality of a small child died seventeen months ago. We will all be together again. My mother is now free of pain, my father knows who he is, my brother is now perfect. What do atheists have to offer? Just as I thought. Nothing.

I am satisfied that the Bible is true. This comes not only through faith (a concept that atheists woefully misunderstand), but I am satisfied in my intellect as well.

Atheist morality is situational. I've read some discussions that it is based on society. Well, society changes. For that matter, Roman society thought it was cool to kill Christians, so they were "moral". Ancient Greek society thought it was a status symbol to have a homosexual lover in addition to a spouse. This included pedophilia. So, what if that comes back? You may think NAMBLA is a bad thing now, but society's "morals" may change to the point where that perversion is accepted. Don't get me wrong, I know some very moral atheists; some act more "Christian" than some alleged Christians I know! For a while. As Christians, we have an anchor of morality in the Bible, and it's worked for Western society for quite a long time. Isaiah 40.8

I am amazed at how atheists think that, by virtue of their disbelief, they are morally superior to Christians. As I mentioned before, the clown that doesn't want to believe in a "God like that", he elevates himself above millions of believers. Amazingly uppity, he thinks he's better than us, and it's all based on his misunderstanding!

Arrogance, vileness, trolling, lack of logic, obstreperousness, showing no respect to others — and you people wonder why I don't respect you?

"Why are you doing this in the first place, Cowboy Bob?"
  • Frankly, some of it was motivated by anger at first, and I wanted to show arrogant atheists just who and what they are. The way they act, I'm surprised that intelligent atheists want to even be associated with the loser trolls.
  • I want to clue in Christians how modern atheists act. Be wary, and do not waste much time because it is perverse sport to attack Christians. Remember, when (not if) you are persecuted because of Jesus, I Cor. 4.12, I Cor. 15.9, II Cor. 12.10, John 16.2, Matt. 5.11 and 1 Peter 4.14. Capice?
  • To show you atheists that you are not fooling people.
  • Some of us are going to speak up about atheistic nonsense.
  • To shock you into thinking instead of just reacting and trolling; you worship logic so much, how about using it? But then, you would see that we have reasons for believing in God and the Bible.
  • Speaking of reason, try Isaiah 1.18 KJV and Acts 17.11.
  • You don't have to shut off your brain to be a believer. Some of the most brilliant people throughout history have been believers. No, I won't list them. Do your own homework! Oh, what the heck, here's one list for you.
If you're reading this, there is still time. Although your habit is to deny the existence of God, your spirit, faith, the validity of the Bible, Judgment, Hell, Heaven, the existence of Satan and so forth, try listening to your heart and asking God to make himself real to you through faith as well as reason and logic. Yes, faith exists. Denying the existence of anything does not make it less real. There are many evidences and apologetics links here, as well as evangelistic links if you decide to get right with God.

"Why the sense of urgency?"

Two reasons. One I have indicated, that you may not be here tomorrow and will have to face eternity; no second chance. Another reason is that atheists are getting worse. The more they insult God and spit in his face, the more they become reprobate and hard-hearted. Eventually, there will be no way to reach them because God will let them do their own thing ("gave them over"). Romans 1.18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28.

What, you're waiting to talk with your friends? Or afraid of losing their approval? Any friend that wants you to fail and spend eternity in Hell with them is no friend at all. Now is the time! Imagine... experiencing the love of the God that you thought did not even exist. God is there, whether it's Leetsdale, Mountain View, Oil City, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Wellington, Melbourne, London or anywhere else. You wouldn't be the first atheist that became converted, and you certainly won't be the last. Hey, do you want to really be a rebel, to have a purpose in life? Give you life to Jesus and stand for something — stand for him!

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