August 24, 2011

How Evolutionists Deal with Contrary Evidence

How Evolutionists Deal with Contrary Evidence

Edited 10-09-2011
  • Deny that contrary evidence even exists
  • Refuse to see it
  • Refuse to discuss it
  • Refuse to listen to it
  • Malign people who disbelieve at all costs, ignore basic reasoning skills
  • Lie about people and organizations who disbelieve in evolution
  • Use uninformed, undereducated thuggish disciples to patrol and attack people who disbelieve
  • Use the media, especially social media
  • Never allow the playing field to be level
  • Keep insisting that evolution is a "fact", even though it is assumed through faith, not evidence (that's our little secret, Skippy)
  • Pretend to be totally objective and unbiased, despite the fact that this goes against human nature
  • Demand that disbelievers have all knowledge of all sciences
  • Appeal to the "might makes right" fallacy of "most scientists believe in evolution" to establish "truth"
  • Commit tu quoque fallacy, "Yeah, but you do it, too!" (Not true, but do it anyway)
  • Get angry, deliberately misunderstand, put words in the mouths of those who disbelieve
  • Ridicule the straw man that you just constructed (see above)
  • Ridicule some more — whatever strikes your fancy

For a slightly less snarky approach to the creation-evolution controversy, check out my Piltdown Superman Weblog.


Lauri said...

What are these contrary evidence?

Bob Sorensen said...

There are all kinds of articles linked, and links to sites, that show evolution's failings, in the site listed at the bottom of the article (it is a sort of launching pad for further studies). Also, there are evidences shown for a young earth, as well as downright bad "proofs" for evolution are wrecked. Take a look and be surprised at how much indoctrination people have received, how much contrary evidence is ignored and suppressed.

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