January 28, 2012

Still More Religious Bigotry by Atheists

Buon giorno. Atheists really wonder why they are the least-liked, least trusted group? Amazing, innit? Here are more examples of obnoxious atheists misbehaving like juvenile delinquents that are desperate for attention. When atheists get called on their petty tricks, they play the victim card. Agonizing.

First, can you really believe that they are silly enough to think that we'll believe their story that this is an attempt to "increase communications"? Mislead me again, Marvin!
"They say their ad is intended to spark dialogue with people of faith on the existence of God, but you don't draw people into conversation by poking fun of the beliefs," Glenn Stanton, director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, told The Christian Post.
Read the rest of the story on the obnoxious atheist billboard here.

Here we go again! Atheists hate laws that protect anything that would allow Christian speech, it seems. Here is a case of blatant disregard of the Equal Access Act, which allows student-run Christian groups the same rights as other student-run groups at school. But no, atheist bigotry wants the laws ignored and discrimination to rule the day.
A newly appointed state director of an atheist activist group said that he will fight two national Christian-based organizations for what he alleges to be proselytizing at public schools while "targeting the impressionable minds of our children."
Al Stefanelli, the former president of United Atheist Front and presently the Georgia state director for American Atheists, Inc., said he will take action against the Child Evangelism Fellowship and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes this year. Both groups conduct after-school and break-time activities on school campuses throughout the United States with the approval of school officials.
When asked by The Christian Post as to what actions he would take against these groups, Stefanelli said, "I cannot get into specifics at this time, as we are still in the planning/strategizing stages. You can be confident that we will, as always, operate within the law, using peaceful means."
Operating within the law? This whole thing is a blatant disregard of federal law! When atheists wonder why I don't trust them, I can show them this, capice? Anyway, you can read the rest of "Atheist Activist Targets Two National Christian Fellowships" here


Atheists gang up on a Christian film to give it low ratings. In some ways, this is nothing new. I see atheist trolls attacking all the time, giving low ratings to books, YouTube videos, music, movies, whatever. There is nothing honest about this, they haven't actually read the books, they just attack. (One memorable review is about atheist S.E. Cupp's book, the reviewer said that she's not really an atheist because she was not vitriolic! I guess it means to be a true atheist, one must be an obnoxious jerk?) These people wonder why we shut off the comments on the Question Evolution Day Page on Facebook; trolls attacked, left inappropriate (and extremely off-topic, and extremely illogical) comments. So, in some ways, this is typical of modern obnoxious Internet atheist behavior.
Christian film "Suing the Devil" has met some challenges since its release, having suffered an online atheist "mob attack" and heavy pirating. However, the film's writer/director Tim Chey says the attacks and theft are worth it and that it is all in a day's work for the evangelist.
Chey told The Christian Post that recently the producers of the film received an email from a group called "anonymous Atheists," who said they would "mob attack" the film on IMDb, the largest film site on the Internet.

Within three days, the film's score dropped from seven to four.

"We tried contacting IMDb, but they turned deaf ears to us. The problem with a low score is it stigmatizes the film," Chey said, pointing to other Christian movies that have also received an unwarranted bad review. Some of these include "Courageous" and "Facing the Giants."
Read the rest of "'Suing the Devil' Filmmaker Alleges Online Atheist 'Mob Attack'" here.

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