February 16, 2013

Video — Dear Atheist, Let's Talk

The religion of atheism is irrational and fundamentally flawed. Although many who call themselves "atheists" claim to have rejected the existence of God through "reason", they have failed miserably, deceiving themselves and perhaps deceiving others. The irrational, unscientific worldview called "evolution" is a cornerstone of atheism. It gives their religion a veneer of intellectualism, and they refuse to acknowledge the multitudinous failings of evolutionary theories. They prefer to continually prop up the failed "science" of evolutionism for emotional comfort.
Atheism is incoherent, lacking the necessary preconditions of human experience. There is no plan for the life of the atheist, since everything is an accident of nature. This also means that there is no foundation for morality (I can name atheists who will say and do anything because their "morality" is based only on their immediate desires, and they are useless for humanity as a whole). What passes for "reasons" to embrace atheism are actually emotionally-driven excuses to hate God, the Bible and Christians; there are no reasons for atheism.
If they will take a few minutes to be honest with themselves and actually think instead of pandering to their atheopathic friends about how they ridiculed Christians and "found" another excuse to hate God, they would see that they need answers. The biblical Christian worldview has the necessary conditions of human experience, and answers the questions of life that atheism and evolutionism cannot deal with.

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