February 14, 2013

Dumping Posterous

Having second Weblogs on Posterous was a silly idea, I admit. Since this Weblog is a general purpose thing, I did not really need to use it. But I wanted to try it out. Posterous is a good idea that is poorly executed. You can upload MP3s and some other things and they make it accessible to everyone. The main problem is that they were down a great deal of the time. Another problem is that for having a Weblog like Blogger, Wordpress and others, fuggedaboudit. The concept was good for multimedia but I did not like it for trying to write something up.

After they were bought out by Twitter, they became even more unreliable. One time, it took me almost a week to get a good connection to be able to edit one post. Worse, one of my Posterous Weblogs had content vanish! I sent them an e-mail, asking what was going on. No reply. After several days, I fully deleted the account. I know of one page that was there, it contained public screen shots of atheopaths showing how rotten they can be in their own words, mainly from Twitter. The other stuff on that place, I don't remember. Whatever it was, I keep everything backed up so I can start over at another location.

After finding a new home for the material on my other account, I migrated the content. When I went back, they were kind enough to remind me of why I did not use them much anyway:

After I was finally able to connect, Posterous gave me this message:

"...we'd love to answer your questions." Rubbish! They ignored my question. Also, they do not even provide a feedback form asking why you're canceling like some other services do. But if they ever want to know why, they can read it right here.

So, I'm done with the hassle of trying to deal with Posterous. Not that it matters, many people have never even heard of them!

Addendum: An atheopath is claiming credit for that one site on Posterous being down. But since he is famous for lying, libel and defamation, I doubt that it's true. Even if it was, it does not excuse such terrible service, communication and incompetence from Posterous. Ironically, Posterous is owned by Twitter. Twitter "Tweets" are public. Twitter said so. Edit: Big deal. Posterous is shutting down anyway.

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