June 10, 2010

Your Ultimate Source

Addendum: For those who do not want the actual content of the site, but want to see whiny boy's comments, this article has some really great comments by another obstreperous, recalcitrant atheist. Comments on this Weblog have been disabled.

Buona sera. I swiped this image from Dan's site, "Debunking Atheists". I find some good images on my own now and then, but I really like that one.

OK, enough of this jocularity. Uncle Bob is not feeling too playful today.

Where do you get your morality? More than that, where do you get your integrity? Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming. I've touched on the topic before, but it's been coming up lately, so I wanted to go into some detail.

We have many sources. One atheist said that "morals are reasoned and mutually agreed up on in a society... believe we can see an evolutionary mandate for social cooperation and moral codes". (Sorry, Dude, I think that's horse pucky.) Other atheists have said that they have "morals", but just try to pin them down on a final source, and they can't do it. They prove that they are intelligent, moral creatures by badgering, lying about and misrepresenting Christians, trolling, lack of logic and all kinds of cowardly foolishness. Sure, they hate God and the Bible, but have no ultimate source for their morality. And they have proven time and again that they have no integrity.

When I confronted trolls, they said it was because "I deserved it". HUH??? Some morality, there! It came from the opinion of the moment. Nicky said, "Atheists [on that Weblog] are subjective. You have cookie cutters and expect Christians all to look the same. And act the same. No emotions allowed even though you **** in their faces... saying that Stormbringer got flamed because he deserved it. Standard Internet protocol says to ignore whatever you think deserved it and to act like rational human beings. Atheists aren't doing that." Boy, do they get cranky when someone tells them the truth! So, they flamed Nicky as well.

Where does morality come from?

We have bunches of places for our personal morality input:
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Man-made religious directives
  • Society
  • Our own experiences and opinions
  • Race
  • Social class
Fine. They all combine to make us what we are to varying degrees. But they change. You say you like the band Day of Fire just to win my approval, then convince yourself that you like them. Or the old clergyman said that rock music itself is evil, so you give it up. The trend in society is to vote a certain way or to hold certain values. It's "in" or "cool" to be a bandwagon atheist. Your mother told you never to date anyone that isn't Italian (smart, but still arbitrary). You choose to hate Belgians because that's just what your family does.

Later on, you make changes. You decide to listen to rock music again, what did that old clergyman know, anyway? Then you exchange your interest in Day of Fire (but you can still get it for my birthday) for August Burns Red (sorry, I can't do metalcore). Further, you realize that you were calling yourself an atheist just because your friends were, and you're having second thoughts. You're dating a Jew instead of an Italian, and apologize to your mother. Then you realize that Belgians aren't that bad, but you can't stand Chileans.

All of that stuff is not nailed down. Where is your morality? Do you have a source that is not changing, that is trustworthy?

Then you have your integrity. That is more than just opinion, it's who you are. Your integrity is your unchanging values, your morality that is not compromised. Let's face it, if your integrity is based on compromise, it's not worth much and you're not trustworthy.

My source is the Bible, and I'm trying to live so that I please God. Isaiah 40.8 Yes, I often fail, but I do have an unchanging standard. Galatians 1.10 There is someone to encourage and comfort me, and to rebuke me when I fail.

How about you?

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