June 11, 2010

Imagine - No Organized Atheism

I made this in response to attacks on religion (especially on Christianity) by militant atheist trolls. They do the lame thing of "religion is the cause of wars", etc. Oh, really, Skippy? If you did your homework instead of filling your mind with hate, you'd see that atheists are the greatest mass murderers in history! Institutionalized atheism incorporated into communism is a vicious lie, a political and moral failure every time. I did not have time and the room to put all of the atheist leaders in the picture.

Amazing how "progressives" revere these losers. Click for full-size.

Atheist, Atheism, Tyrants, Communist, Imagine No Organized Atheism, Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Numbers of murders for which they are responsible (approximate):
  • Mao — 70,000,000
  • Stalin — 23,000,000
  • Pol Pot — 1,700,000
  • Kim Il Sung — 1,600,000
  • Castro — 30,000 (keep in mind the size of Cuba)
Need I continue? Didn't think so.

If this annoys you, wait until you read "When Atheists Gain power"! 
Also, atheists are competing to set up their own symbol. Since atheism itself is laughable...

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