June 2, 2012

Richard Dawkins Shows His Massive Intellect

Buon giorno. I am really at a loss as to why people consider Richard "Daffy" Dawkins a great thinker. In another post, I gave evidence that he is either uninformed (unlikely) or dishonest (likely) about the idea that atheists wouldn't destroy religious buildings [1]. People copy and paste quotes from Dawkins and the other so-called "New Atheists" (much easier than using brain cells) as if they were brilliant bits of philosophy. No, they are simply insulting diatribes, feeding on the existing biases of misotheistic sheep. They hear some insult, say, "Yeah! Yeah!", then repeat such nonsense.

Here is Daffy being dodging an honest question and being rude to the questioner. Then, his response is discussed by someone who can actually think:

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